September 2023
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Help us! Help us! Please help us! But we’ll still hate you!

Christmas is the time of year for a tsunami of charity appeals by our bloated, self-serving charities with their over-paid, over-pensioned bosses. One cause they repeatedly ask us to donate to is helping poor refugees. This year it’s Syria:

refugees 1

And, every year for the last 50 years, it’s also been Africa:

refugees 3

But what are refugees? Victims? Or people who are so stupid, corrupt and intolerant that they have wrecked their own countries, most of which would be rich and peaceful if it wasn’t for the corruption, bigotry and pig-ignorance of their people?

And, of course, there will be huge pressure on our Government to allow thousands upon thousands of refugees and supposed asylum seekers to come to Britain.

But what happens when they come here? Are they grateful to us? Do they ever thank us? Or do they forever claim we discriminate against them as we fill their pockets with benefits? And do they hate us and try to impose their rather unbritish ways on us?

refugees 2

And then do they try to kill us, either in Britain?


Or by joining those who seek to destroy us?

muslim threat

In 10 to 20 years, historians will look back in amazement at how one of the most tolerant, prosperous and peaceful countries in the world committed cultural, religious, economic and social suicide by allowing itself to be swamped by hordes of people who loathed everything that country represented.

7 comments to Help us! Help us! Please help us! But we’ll still hate you!

  • NoMore

    Because of this “we” have ruined our country too.

  • Keen Reader

    That much vilified MP, whose views can now be openly supported only between trusted friends, got it right half a century ago when he said, “We must be mad, literally mad…..”
    Reflecting on the low level of response to yesterday’s blog, it occurred to me that there possibly exists now such ingrained fear of being thought “wa….cist”, or even of actually being prosecuted for encouraging “wa……ial” hatred, that people who would rather have liked to comment decided that discretion was the better part of valour and kept their fingers off the keyboard. As we all know, anyone who publishes anything in a public forum, even under a nom-de-keyboard, can easily be identified by the powers that be.
    Truly free speech in the UK is now effectively dead. You need courage to support “politically incorrect” views publicly. And that goes for all adherents to traditional UK values,irrespective of skin colour. I know a number of people of Asian or African origin, integrated into and admirers of British culture, who are as against the current influx of immigrants -including those seeking “political asylum” – as are people of Caucasian origin. As for charity hand-outs to refugees, well it distresses me as much as anyone else to see little children suffering as a consequence of the actions of their elders. However, I remind myself that these same little children, particularly those being raised in the Religion of Peace will, some 10 or 20 years from now, probably be taking up whatever arms they can lay hands on to slaughter, in any barbaric way they can, my own grandchildren.

  • Concerned

    You’ve hit the nail on the head with this post. I wish more people were aware of it.

  • John Fields

    I have listened to Nigel Farage many times and I believe that UKIP is our only hope
    to stem this flood that eventually will overwhelm us.

  • Simon H

    Please, please, please try & get this message out to more people & into the mainstream media.

  • Keen Reader Enoch Powell predicted a state if civil war you can find him saying this on youtube. My own view is that it will more probably happen in France given that most of its migrants are Muslim. Where we also have Hindu Indians, African Christians.

    As i wrote yesterday why is what is happing in England happening in so many Western Countries? When Enoch made his speech Malcolm Muggeridge wrote in Times “mass immigration part of the great liberal death wish .”

    Does any one know why Western Countries are mostly all set on this course of self destruction?

  • Britain needs all nationaliosts to stand together, especially the English whose country has become a non-entity.
    Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions, and expect very little difference from Ukip; Farage has made it clear he will continue with third world immigration onto these islands. In fact, Ukips latest recruit to the party candidacies is a bloody muslim!
    I’m going to stand in my constituency and hope that the truth I tell rings a chord with the electorate. If it doesn’t, I will be selling the car and buying a Kalishnikov.

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