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A flood, a deluge, a tsunami – of immigrants?

The politically correct are quick to pounce on anybody who dares suggest that immigration is catastrophically out of control. And anyone who claims that their town is ‘swamped’ by immigrants is immediately called a ‘bigot’ and a ‘waaaaccciiiissstttt’ and browbeaten into making a grovelling apology.

So, here are just a few words we’re not allowed to use when talking about immigration – ‘a flood’, ‘a deluge’, ‘a tsunami of immigrants’. As I see ever more Somalis and Darth Vader lookalikes crowding every town I visit, I can’t see how anyone can suggest that the current levels of immigration are sustainable. After all, around 43,6000 new National Insurance numbers are issued to immigrants every single month entitling them to huge amounts in benefits even if some of them actually do bother getting jobs.

I normally try to produce my own charts for this blog. But this picture from the Daily Mail was so clear about the effects of uncontrolled immigration, that I thought it worth reproducing here (click to see more clearly, then if you click again it should enlarge it enabling it to be read more easily)

MoS2 Template Master

It shows the number of people in the main counties that were born abroad (orange), the percentage of the population born abroad (blue) and the rise since 2004 in the number of people born abroad (green).

In Greater London an incredible 36% of the population are immigrants. For Bedfordshire it’s 31% and for Berkshire it’s 27%. But this is only those who were born abroad. If you then add in the children who were born in Britain to immigrant families, who knows how high the level of newcomers really is? Certainly over half of London’s, Bedfordshire’s and Berkshire’s population would be direct immigrants or first-generation children of immigrants.

So I believe we’re more than entitled to talk about ‘a flood’, ‘a deluge’, ‘a tsunami of immigrants’ or our towns being ‘swamped by immigrants’ even if the politically-correct try to crush anyone daring to question their bright new future of Britain as an overcrowded, concreted-over, crime-ridden, squalid, multi-cultural, Third-World region of an economically-sick, declining European empire run by a bunch of corrupt, wasteful, self-serving, champagne-quaffing bureaucrats in Brussels.

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  • Was not going to add comment but as no one else has. go to type in – Welcome To Sweden of Today
    What has intentionally been done to our own country is being done to Norway, Ireland, France, Belgium , United States.

    I have no explanation as to why this The Suicide of the West is happening.

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