February 2024
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Dinnae get yer sporrins in a twist – they’ll vote YES!

Why is everybody getting so worked up about the Scottish referendum? It’s quite clear the Scots will vote YES!

YES to continuing to sponge off the English. YES to taking our money while endlessly complaining that we mistreat them and how much richer they’d all be without us. YES to us paying for their free universities. YES to us paying for their better care for the elderly. YES to getting over £1,300 per year more per citizen than is spent in the rest of the UK. YES to their MPs being able to vote on Rest of the UK issues while Rest of the UK MPs won’t be able to vote on Scottish issues.

So, that means they’ll actually vote NO! to independence on Thursday.

(Tomorrow, I’d like to deal with the subject of ‘thighing’ – an activity that is apparently very popular amongst a certain group of people in our society)

1 comment to Dinnae get yer sporrins in a twist – they’ll vote YES!

  • Brillo

    The porridge w**s have moaned on infinitem about Westminster ruling them and yet Blairs government which was primarily Scottish made an almighty balls up of our green and plesent land. They are acting like the child that doesn’t want to share his bag of with sweets. Without the oil they wouldn’t think of leaving the uk. Although having seen what F up their nationals have made of England I’m amazed they are prepared to trust their own countryman to rule them. All that whiskey has addled their brains.

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