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Fake blogs and double-dipping charities

Firstly, in my blog yesterday about “thighing”, I did warn that someone might have been taking me for a ride. Following contacts from a reader, I suspect that the whole thing could possibly be a set-up by a right-wing US group. I don’t know. But I have deleted the post.

Back to charities. How would you feel if a chugger from Oxfam stopped you in the street or an Oxfam collector came round to your house or even if there was a TV ad from Oxfam and you were told, ‘We already take £139m from the taxes you pay the Government in the belief that your tax money pays for schools and roads and the NHS and the police. But in addition to that £139m of your tax money, we’d like you to donate £5 or £10 a month from you own money’?

Possibly, you wouldn’t be too inclined to be generous. In fact, you might even think, ‘hold on a minute – you already take £139m of our taxes and you want more!!!!! F*&@@@!!!!!k

So here’s a chart showing something our major poverty charities tend not to mention (click to see more clearly)

double dippers

Oxfam takes £139m a year of our taxes – 37% of its £368m revenue. Save the Children takes about £139m too – 48% of its £284m income. Christian Aid helps itself to a generous £39m – 41% of its £95m. ActionAid, CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) and Care International also plunder our taxes while guilt-tripping us to give even more. So do many other supposed ‘charities’.

I’ve called these charities the ‘double-dippers’ because they get two shots at taking money from us – firstly by grabbing millions or even tens of millions from the taxes we pay and then again from usually heart-rending appeals showing starving  African children (as they have been doing for at least the last 50 years).

So, next time a charity tries to get your money, ask them if they’re a ‘double-dipper’ and if so, how much taxpayers’ money they’re already getting. I bet they won’t tell you because they know that if you knew, then you wouldn’t want to give too much more.

Some research showed that around 27,000 charities get three quarters or more of their money from the Government while often asking us for further donations.

Double-dipping – that’s how to make real money when you’re a ‘charity’.

(Talking of charity – think how motivated I would be to write another 1,000 words of my new book THE GREAT CHARITY SCANDAL if some readers were to buy copies of either GREED UNLIMITED or DON’T BUY IT! Today you could hep feed a starving overweight writer. Go on, you know it makes sense….


2 comments to Fake blogs and double-dipping charities

  • Paris Claims

    I think you’ll find that “thighing” is well documented in Islamic scriptures.

  • Brillo

    The porridge w**s have moaned on infinitem about Westminster ruling them and yet Blairs government which was primarily Scottish made an almighty balls up of our green and plesent land. They are acting like the child that doesn’t want to share his bag of with sweets. Without the oil they wouldn’t think of leaving the uk. Although having seen what F up their nationals have made of England I’m amazed they are prepared to trust their own countryman to rule them. All that whiskey has addled their brains.

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