May 2024

Self-censorship is the hidden evil nobody mentions

A couple of days ago I included on this blog the lyrics of a Roy Harper song – “The Black Cloud of *sl*m” – and I wondered whether censorship had led to all copies of this song being removed from the Internet. One reader suggested it might be due to Roy Harper controlling copyright of his songs. But there is plenty of other Roy Harper material available. However, another reader suggested a more likely reason – perhaps Mr Harper has seen what happens to people who dare to criticise the great Religion of Peace and has himself withdrawn this song for his own safety.

I too have started wondering about what one can and can’t write and have been doing a little self-censorship on my blog – several older posts have been removed. After all, one doesn’t know what crazy is out there waiting to strike a blow for his God.

Politicians and journalists know they can laugh at or criticise the Israelis or the British or Christians as much as they want. But if they dare speak ill of the special Religion, they’ll ruin their careers. Writers, musicians, film-makers know that if they cast even the slightest aspersions on the world’s most tolerant religion, they they risk their lives.

Here is the future of reporting about the religion that is gradually taking over life in Britain:


And virtually nobody in public life risks raising any concerns. Winston Churchill would not have been impressed by the cowardly surrender of our quisling leaders.

2 comments to Self-censorship is the hidden evil nobody mentions

  • Joe Schmoe

    read Wikipedia to see how the Danish cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard’s life was turned upside down for lampooning Islam in his Danish newspaper in 2005….
    It’s a hell of a price to pay for free speech.

  • Pam

    I don’t blame you for ‘doing a Roy Harper’ on here. Fortunately, I don’t think you’re in much danger of getting anything hacked or removed other than this blog of yours! No point in risking it if a certain religion isn’t one of your main interests. Several Twitter friends of mine get their websites attacked regularly. Are you on Twitter by the way? I can’t find you if you are. I tweeted your article re the Lisbon Treaty/21 November thing, and just tweeted your Salmond piece. Very good. I’m at @Pamfino. Plenty of things about the religion of pieces on there. 😉

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