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Don’t believe greedy Oxfam’s self-serving lies – don’t waste your money!

For the last few days, the (IMHO) grotesquely self-serving, politically-correct, truth-twisting Oxfam have been running an appeal on TV for donations to help people in South Sudan. An earnest-looking bearded chap in some kind of aid distribution centre informs us “I’m just back from South Sudan where a brutal conflict has forced over a million people to flee their homes”.

This wording is very clever. It makes it sound as if “a brutal conflict” is some kind of natural disaster like an earthquake or tsunami. But it’s not. A “brutal conflict “ is usually entirely man-made. People decide to fight each other rather than living in peace. So, let’s explore a little more closely at what’s really happening in the Sudan and South Sudan.

We can start with looking at the population of the Sudan before it split in July 2011. Here it is (click to see more clearly)

sudan popn

The population of a largely arid, infertile area of our planet shot up from around 7,500,000 in 1960 to over 37,200,000 today. You don’t have to be a genius to see that this is completely unsustainable.

So, what happens when there are far too many people and far too few resources? Fighting over land, water and those resources, of course. And sure enough, there has been a civil war between Sudan’s various tribes for over 30 years.

This tribal conflict should have ended in July 2011 when South Sudan became an independent country and all the do-gooders and multi-culti leftists and professional hand-wringers told us that this would give our dear Sudanese friends the opportunity to live in peace.

Well, that didn’t last too long. Around 15 December 2013 (about 18 months after independence) the country’s leader and opposition leader decided to fight over who would become a multi-billionaire by stealing most of this impoverished hell-hole’s oil wealth and international aid money. So, an armed conflict broke out between the Dinker and Nuer tribes and, as usual, there has been internecine slaughter ever since.

So, let me rephrase the Oxfam appeal “I’m just back from South Sudan where a brutal conflict has forced over a million people to flee their homes”.

If he had been honest, what the bearded do-gooder should have said was something like “following billions in aid pouring into a primitive hell-hole called the Sudan over the last half century, the population of this arid wilderness has successfully rocketed from just 7,500,000 to over 37,200,000. Of course, what the aid agencies should have done half a century ago was to launch an aggressive programme of birth control. But that would have been ‘waaacccciiiissssttt!!! and Isl*m*phobic!!!’. So instead, we encouraged the Sudanese population to multiply way beyond the capacity of the land to support that many people.

“The result was completely predictable. Almost unending civil war as Sudan’s utterly corrupt, kleptocratic leaders exploited tribal tensions to try to grab as much wealth for themselves as they could. The people were stupid enough to follow their avaricious rulers and so have been happily massacring each other while their masters became rich beyond most people’s wildest dreams. Naturally, the overpopulation and fighting have left millions on the brink of starvation but have provided decades of work for us aid agency workers. So please, give us lots more of your money so the Sudanese population can get up to 70 or 80 million, thus guaranteeing us aid workers jobs for life. Oh, and please don’t mention ‘birth control’ otherwise you’re a waaacccciiiissssttt!!! and an Isl*m*phobe!!!!”.

Do you still feel like giving money to the latest Oxfam South Sudan appeal?

5 comments to Don’t believe greedy Oxfam’s self-serving lies – don’t waste your money!

  • Paris Claims

    hasn’t the R of P got a lot to do with the disaster too? A leading part, I believe.

  • NG

    “You might say that – I couldn’t possibly comment” Francis Urquart.

  • its ok some are moving to our green and overpopulated land.
    Our Government will do nothing to protect us from this invasion.

  • MGJ

    The evil of long term aid makes even the Belgian form of imperialism seem preferable.

  • Baroness Bonkers

    Madness. Madness. Madness.
    There was an advert on tv yesterday afternoon (no, I don’t normally)featuring a heavily overladen donkey in some hot, arid, shitty country, and we were all asked to send money to some outfit which presumably ran some sort of donkey rights outfit that doubtless had no win no fee lawyers waiting to represent the donkey in a claim against the donkey employer. Who would give their money to something like that that? If there is anyone who knows someone who would then please send the name/ address and I will write immediately about the spot on my bum which needs expensive treatment in Monte Carlo. Meanwhile I am off to insure my sit-on mower. Madness.

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