May 2024

Who will pay for the promises we made to ourselves?

I just love democracy. Greedy, expenses-thieving, arrogant, self-serving, overpaid, over-pensioned politicians buy votes from pig-ignorant voters by making promises to voters that can’t possibly be kept because there isn’t enough money to pay for them. Voters then vote for those lying politicians in the hope that someone else will pay for all the ‘entitlements’ they think they are due at someone else’s expense. Debt spirals out of control and then ….well nobody really knows what will happen.

In spite of the screams of the multi-culti, left-wing, liberal elites, the BBC and public-sector unions about ‘savage, inhumane, Government cuts’, here’s projected UK public spending (Google Chrome won’t let me enlarge the charts, so click to see more clearly)

total spending

Whoops, I can’t see any cuts.

In fact there are cuts. But there are so many new people swarming into the country (46,000 a month) all of whom will be demanding benefits, housing, education, policing, healthcare and so on, that whatever the Government cuts will always be less than is needed to pay for those flooding into Britain.

Of course, Dodgy Dave Cameron and Baronet Osborne claim to be ‘getting the deficit under control‘. The only problem is that they never mention the elephant in the room – our national debt (click to see more clearly)

public debt

Yikes! It’s going the wrong way.

And here are the promises we’ve made to ourselves that we can’t keep

2016 total spending

To balance the budget and start paying down our ever-increasing debt, we need spending cuts of about 10% in ALL areas of spending. So, will our masters cut the NHS budget by 10%? No, I thought not. That’s ring-fenced. In fact, NHS spending will go up due to immigration and an ageing population.

Or will our rulers cut welfare spending by 10%? Nope. That will keep on increasing due to immigration. How about cutting pensions by 10%? Can’t do that. With an ageing population, pension payments will double in the next 30 to 40 years.

Well, we could slash education by 10%, couldn’t we? Oh, I forgot, the baby-boom we’re having due to immigrants having larger families means we’re going to have to drastically increase school places and thus education spending. Well, there’s foreign aid. Oh no, Dave’s pledged to increase that too. Or the money we give to the EU. Aaarrgghh, remember Tony Blair gave away a large part of our rebate in return for reforms to the CAP budget that never happened, so money going to the EU will also rise every year.

There you have it folks! Our governments claim they’ll ‘balance the budget’. Yet spending on the NHS, benefits, pensions, education, foreign aid and the EU are all set to increase (click to see……)

debt and elephant

You don’t have to be an economist to see we’re right royally f**ked.

But, of course, with their massive inflation-protected, taxpayer-funded pensions, our rulers couldn’t give a toss as they’ll all live like multi-millionaires at our expense till the day they die.

2 comments to Who will pay for the promises we made to ourselves?

  • John Fields

    There in lies one root of our problems, “pig-ignorant voters.”

  • Ben

    Too true, and I can’t see any way out of it.

    We just have to keep telling the truth and make sure people don’t blame capitalism when it all blows up. Otherwise we are truly f*cked.

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