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The Israelis are making a mess, but the real war criminals get away with much worse

Oh dear, the Israelis are making a complete hash of things. International opinion seems to be firmly on the side of the Palestinians and I fear we may have reached what is fashionably called a ‘tipping point’. If the apparently one-sided carnage in Gaza continues, the world will become ever more anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian. The consequence will be that the world will happily look the other way as the Iranians develop their ‘God Bomb’. And then, when the Iranians decide to use their ‘God Bomb’, much of the world will think, ‘well the Jews deserved it’.

While I understand the Israelis’ fear of extinction, I don’t think they’ve thought through the longer-term implications of their current Gaza action. These are not going to be that great for the continuing survival of Israel.

Meanwhile, understandably after some of the scenes we’ve seen on TV, some in the totally corrupt UN are calling for Israel to be prosecuted for ‘war crimes’ after the attacks on several UN-protected schools.

But as people like the (IMHO) ranting, frothing Jew-hater, Channel 4 newsreader Jon Snow, with some justification fulminate against Israel, here’s a story none of the British broadcasting media would touch with a 50-foot barge-pole. Apparently the wonderful Isl*m*c State (formerly known as ISIS) have published a 30-minute video showing the joys of life under their benign, tolerant rule.

This is just a 3-minute clip from the film I found on a website for perverts who like that sort of thing (only follow this link if you have a very strong stomach)

If the UN wants to prosecute anyone for ‘war crimes’, then this film should give them a few ideas.

But, of course, none of our politicians or media loudmouths mention this glorious little film. Loathing Jews is apparently the fashionable thing for Britain’s multi-culti, holier-than-thou, liberal elites. But nobody dares mention what the followers of the Religion of Peace are up to.

2 comments to The Israelis are making a mess, but the real war criminals get away with much worse

  • John Fields

    I watched the 3 minute clip. Now transfer those images to Hamas let loose in
    Israel. Irrespective to world opinion against them, the Jews are fighting for the survival of their world. Those blood-thirsty bastards would slaughter them all without any

  • Peter

    Hamas have been firing rockets from populated schools. It is shameful using schoolchildren as human shields and not allowing them to leave … Hamas are simply looking for the world to sympathise with them by using the lives of children as a means to an end. There is also a very pro Hamas propaganda coming from the BBC every day..

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