March 2023
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We should give thanks to Tower Hamlets, Rotherham and ISIL

(I’m leaving this post up for a second day as I believe this really is the “big issue” confronting us)

In 2001, there were about 1.6 million M*sl*ms in Britain. By 2011, this had shot up to 2.78 million. By 2014, at 3.2 million, there were twice as many M*sl*ms in Britain as there were just 13 years earlier. With Britain’s M*sl*m population doubling every 13 years, by 2030 there will be over 7 million M*sl*ms in Britain.

Our rulers and the politically correct will argue that as M*sl*ms only make up around 5% of the population, they aren’t a threat to our way of life even though within 15 years M*sl*ms will account for over 10% of the population. But what the ruling elites, the politically correct and the bien pensants deliberately overlook is the concentration of M*sl*ms in certain areas which gives them massive political power, well in excess of their percentage of the population as a whole.

Although M*sl*ms only make up about 5% of the population overall, in many cities where M*sl*ms are still in a minority M*sl*m births are far outstripping births of the ethnic British:

muslim children

(These figures are from the 2011 census. Due to uncontrolled immigration and M*sl*ms’ higher birth rates, the percentages of M*sl*ms will have increased considerably in just the last 4 years since 2011)

In some local authorities, M*sl*ms account for around a third of the population:

muslims by local authority

(These figures are from the 2011 census. Due to uncontrolled immigration and M*sl*ms’ higher birth rates, the percentages of M*sl*ms will have increased considerably in just the last 4 years since 2011)

Once M*sl*ms are close to 30% of the population in any area, thanks to tribal loyalties, coercion to vote for M*sl*m candidates and extensive postal vote fraud, that essentially gives the M*sl*m community total control over those areas.

Thanks to the shenanigans in Tower Hamlets, we can already see that M*sl*m political control will bring us all the most colourful aspects of political life from those beacons of democracy – Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Somalia – voting fraud and voter intimidation; widespread corruption leading to massive enrichment of M*sl*m political leaders and their business cronies; Trojan Horse takeovers of schools resulting in segregation and oppression of girls, and religious indoctrination replacing the teaching of science and technology; female genital mutilation; polygamy; a huge growth in first-cousin marriages giving an increase in birth defects and a decrease in overall IQ levels of 10 to 16 points; complete failure to accept or adopt any British values and, of course, low educational achievement leading to unemployment (economic inactivity) levels of over 50% for men and 95% for women, poverty, criminality and social unrest.

In addition, as Rotherham, Bradford, Halifax, Oxford and many other cities have shown, crimes by M*sl*m men such as gang-rape, gang-sodomisation and torture of non-M*sl*m girls will be tolerated and covered up in the interests of ‘social cohesion’ with M*sl*m policemen keeping the perpetrators well-informed about any potential police action against them should the police even dare to confront such problems

There’s the well-known question: How do you eat an elephant?

eat elephant

So, even though British M*sl*ms only account for about 5% of the British population and violent *slam*sts may only account for say 5% (60 million) of the world’s 1.2 billion M*sl*ms, British M*sl*ms and *sl*mic militants and are ‘eating the elephant‘ – taking over our country and the world bit by bit.

In Britain, our M*sl*ms are taking control of at least 10 local councils and some major cities. In the Middle East, ISIL already have large parts of Syria and Iraq and have now moved into Libya. They’re also active in Egypt and the Yemen and will soon move into Jordan and the Lebanon. In Africa, Boko Haram are spreading outside Nigeria into Cameroon and other neighbouring countries.

So, we should give thanks to Tower Hamlets, Rotherham and ISIL – they have all helped show us what the future for our country and the world looks like. And I, for one, don’t like what I see and feel obliged to speak out against our rulers’ cowardly capitulation to the *sl*mist takeover of our country and our world.

Am I really the only person who can see what’s happening?

7 comments to We should give thanks to Tower Hamlets, Rotherham and ISIL

  • iSIS in Libya have threatened any attack on them by the west and they will send half a million boat people to Europe.So they see migrants as a demographic weapon.
    Whats happened to England is also the fate of France, Sweden. Netherlands. Either large numbers of Muslims are removed from Europe or the historic nations will cease to exist. The harsh truth is either they go or our respective countries go.

  • NoMore

    No – I think when people complain about excessive EU immigration a lot of this is a proxy for worries about excessive (i.e. more than one) M*sl*m immigration and is giving a big boost to UKIP support.

    Among our bien-pensant “elites” and far too many of the populace however they are blinded by their cuddly worldview and the moderate M*sl*m meme.

  • Simon

    “Am I really the only person who can see what’s happening?” No, you are not the only one. Unfortunately as this country kissed goodbye to democracy a long time ago we are politically disenfranchised. No one will care or do anything until it is too late. I fear it is already too late.

  • David Barron

    No you are not the only one to see it,and I know you are a UKIP supporter but they have been very quiet recently.I wish I knew the answer.During the 2nd world war thousands of refugees of all faiths and countries fled nazism ,arrived in the UK and thousands volunteered to go and regain there homeland.I dont see the muslim refugees doing that or speaking out when we take them in.

  • Keen Reader

    No – you are not the only one who can see what’s happening. Thousands of us can, but there’s b.g…r all we can do about it! Anyway, it’s mainly the older generation or, as in my case, the decidedly old generation, who see it and when the worst happens it won’t be our world. We’ll mainly be enjoying the sanctimonious Hell of Heaven or the Hedonism of Hell! (It’ll be warmer in the latter and I confidently anticipate meeting all my best friends as well as eventually most of my nearest and dearest!) Seriously, I fear greatly for the future in the UK and, indeed, in most of Europe, of all my wonderful grandchildren, but there is nothing I can do about it except cast a vote for UKIP in the GE – as I did 5 years ago and as I’ve done in all the Local Elections.

  • Joe Schmoe

    You are not the only one who can see what is happening.

    Unfortunately, the future for all these new born Muslim children is one of theology and not one of science with all the consequences that entails.

    I have no substantive way to change the prevailing politics or media coverage. Therefore will continue with my head in the sand policy, drinking red wine, listening to Classic FM
    and reading good books.


    Oh and maybe a oneway ticket to Pitcairn.

  • Brillo

    And yet our politicians do nothing. Had to laugh the other day when Maureen Lipman said she would emigrate to Israel because of the threat to Jews in this country. Another left wing lovey that blissfully voted Labour without realising the consequences and probably still doesn’t.

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