March 2023
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The problem is population growth not carbon emissions

Last night there was yet another bleatingly politically correct programme from the BBC which took man-made global warming as a scientifically proven fact. Yet as we emerge from yet another record cold winter, ordinary people are realising that the man-made global warming theory is just a massive scam pushed by a bandwagon of grant-hungry supposed scientists and  ignorant politicians who would happily tax our industries into oblivion. Why should they care what happens to us? They have big salaries, unlimited expenses and taxpayer funded pensions. Moreover, as I explain in my book The Great European Rip-Off the whole emissions trading set-up is rotten and most of the money we pay goes into the pockets of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats in India and China.

I’ve recently been in Asia where an environmental Armageddon is taking place – land is being desecrated and the seas are being empptied to feed the ever-increasing numbers of people. Population growth is exceeding the capacity of the land and seas to provide food. Then when you consider that at least three billion people there will all want cars, fridges and air-conditioning, you realise that any attempts by us to reduce carbon emissions will be dwarfed by the increase in the Third World. Anyway, the biggest problem facing mankind is not climate change, it’s overpopulation. But it is not politicallycorrect to point this out.

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