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Yet another over-promoted, useless, woke progressive?

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I have previously written blogs about two individuals who a really cynical cynic might suspect were promoted more for their woke credentials than for any proven ability or experience.

First there was the (IMVHO) utterly useless Dame Cressida ‘Dickless’ Dick who seems to have almost single-handedly wreaked havoc in the collapsing Met police. And I speculated that the NHS’s new (seemingly invisible whenever there’s a problem to be solved) new boss Amanda Pritchard might be hewn from the same marvellous material as Dame Cressida:

Is Amanda Pritchard the NHS’s Cressida Dick?

More recently I wondered whether Dame Sharon ’empty-shelves’ White, a lady with no retail experience that I could see, might really be what the formerly respected and now loss-making John Lewis and Waitrose needed to save the company from a coming collapse:

The sad sad saga of Dame Sharon ’empty-shelves’ White

And now I think I’ve found yet another individual who could be following in the noble tradition of Dame Dick and Dame Empty-Shelves.

Last week the BBC reported on the Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset Police Force, a certain Sarah Crew, saying she believes her own force is “institutionally racist”. Sarah Crew said she came to that conclusion after applying a series of criteria to Avon and Somerset Police following a report into the local criminal justice system: “I’m in no doubt that, by Baroness Casey’s criteria at least, Avon and Somerset Police is institutionally racist,” Ms Crew said. “I must accept that the definition fits – it does for race,” added Ms Crew.

Not content with accusing her own officers of racism, Ms Crew went even further: “I think it’s likely too for misogyny, homophobia and disability as well, though the gaps in the data don’t give us the sense of scale, impact or certainty that we have for race.”

A cynic might think that Ms Crew has just learnt a lot of big, new, important words like ‘institutionally racist’, ‘misogyny’ and ‘homophobia’ on her Critical Race Theory and other woke training sessions and is keen to use them to demonstrate her woke credentials.

Personally, I’m somewhat doubtful about her claim that her subordinates are ‘institutionally racist’ as I rather suspect that the region of Avon and Somerset probably has the lowest proportion of multi-cultural enrichers of any police force in England. So there probably aren’t too many people for the Avon and Somerset police to be racist to.

Moreover, I’m no expert in human motivational theory. But I have managed project teams for most of my working life. I imagine that if I went around telling all and sundry that my teams were all made up of pig-ignorant racist thugs, that really wouldn’t be a great way to generate loyalty and improve performance. But I suppose I must bow to Ms Sarah Crew’s greater experience. Or maybe it’s just that in today’s public sector, demonstrating your wokeness is much more important to your career progression than actually delivering results.

Anyway, here’s a link to the BBC News article featuring Chief Constable Sarah Crew’s views and then you just click on the first image to watch the short video of this fine lady liberally crapping all over her own subordinates:

2 comments to Yet another over-promoted, useless, woke progressive?

  • A Thorpe

    From time to time I see the view that feminisation has weakened men. Jordan Peterson makes the point that society needs strong men and it is weak men who are the most dangerous. But that is out of fashion and it is perhaps why we are witnessing the situation you describe.

    I was born in small village in South Yorkshire and we had a local bobby ride through regularly on his bike. We know him and he knew all of us. My cousin remembers on of the boys swearing at a woman and she told the bobby and the next time he saw the boy he gave him a clip round the ear. Problem solved. Today the problems just grow because nobody has the balls to do anything about them.

  • Eric Legge

    The woke brigade are clearly not progressive. They have rendered every institution in this country unfit for purpose. These people give names to almost everything that are the opposite of what they really are or are pure fiction. They are nihilists using lies to take us into what they make out to themselves will be a post-human utopia that is really an Orwellian dystopia.

    They are using the Christian method of overturning the Roman Empire of putting the first last and the last first. The poor, the weak, the meek, the oppressed are the children of God and the rich and powerful, who make every high culture possible, the natural commanders, are evil sh1t. Using that formula will bring any culture down.

    The first are white European men who invented and innovated almost everything, who have been heavily under attack for decades, starting in the schools. The last are Africans and women. Hence the Africanisation and feminisation taking place. Why are Africans in around 80% of adverts? Probably to get us used to their faces so that millions of them can be brought here using the climate emergency as the excuse instead of overpopulation and poverty.

    Nothing is functional because the competent people are kept out of using their competence by envious resentful incompetent garbage that call them racists, sexists, homophobes, Islamophobes, transphobes, womanisers, corrupt, etc., etc. You can see how they are trying to make sure that Trump never gets to regain the presidency and Boris never gets to become PM again, while their people are far far worse but remain untouched by the law.

    The Academy of Ideas – Nietzsche and Nihilism – A Warning to the West –

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