April 2024

Our politicians should lead, not pander

I’m seriously thinking about writing a new book. Though hopefully this madness will pass and I’ll not waste my time on such a futile exercise.

Anyway, while doing research for the book that will never be written, I came across a sentence in a somewhat obscure economics study which seemed to sum up why most Western democracies are failing and why we are drowning in an ocean of debt that can never be repaid:

“The government was reduced to a constant pandering to base motives of greedy citizens, a constant pursuit of faddist causes trumped up by noisy cliques and a constant bartering of self-interest amongst strong private factions to the exclusion of the broader interests of the nation”.

This was written about the US government in the early 1970s. But it seems to perfectly sum up our government today:

Pandering, not leading – Thatcher was probably the last real leader Britain had. She had a set of core beliefs (which you may or may not have agreed with) and she never deviated from doing what she thought was best for the country. Almost all politicians since then have only been interested in getting and holding on to power and reaping all the financial and other rewards that power gives them. And with around 55% of the population getting more in services and benefits than they pay in taxes, this pandering means ever more borrowing and spending until we are driven into national bankruptcy

Faddist causes –  Whether it be gay marriage, fighting the myth of man-made climate change, increasing foreign aid to the world’s most corrupt countries or giving in to the demands of the increasingly strident followers of the Religion of Peace and Tolerance, our supposed leaders never miss an opportunity to grovel to whatever pressure group shouts the loudest in the hope that this will win them the approbation of the metropolitan mainstream media and votes from Britain’s dim-witted electorate

Self-interest of strong private factions – As I hopefully demonstrated in my book “GREED UNLIMITED How Cameron and Clegg Protect the Elites While Squeezing the Rest of Us” the powerful vested-interest groups in Britain – politicians, bureaucrats, business bosses and bankers – have all had a wonderful recession. In fact, during the financial crisis, all these groups prospered and got wealthier as the rest of us saw our lives blighted by unemployment, wage repression, rising prices and open-door immigration.

Looking to the future, one could be excused for feeling a sense of despair at the inadequacy of those who somehow believe they have the qualities to lead our country:


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1 comment to Our politicians should lead, not pander

  • Paris Claims

    It should be enshrined in law that the government should not be allowed to spend more than it takes. There could be a very few exceptions i.e. inward invasion, natural disaster, or plague, but that’s about it.
    If, as a consequence, White Dee or Anjem Choudary see their benefits slashed, or Pakistan gets no foreign aid, or heaven forbid, the Equalities quango shuts its doors, then that’s a price I’m prepared to pay.

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