February 2024
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Just had my first death threat

I always thought I might get into trouble because I exposed what a stupid, cowardly, lying, incompetent buffoon Brown is and from my attacks on the wasteful and corrupt EU. I expected PC Plod to turn up on my doorstep with some trumped up charges. But those I criticised sensibly ignored my spoutings as they busied themselves with the task of ruining our economy and enriching themselves with our money.

The death threat came from a member of the Board that runs the block of flats where I live. Because of their incompetence and general uselessness they wasted over two hunderd thousand pounds of our money cocking up a simple plan to put some new flooring tiles and railings on 32 small balconies. When they then demanded another two hundred thousand pounds to redo the work they cocked up first time, I started to oppose their plans. This resulted in one of them attacking me, kicking and hitting my car, screaming abuse and threatening to send some people to “kick my f—–g head in.” I thought this was a bit of an overreaction. If you agree, I’d be grateful if you would email (and get the people you know to email) Board member Steve Cable (not the guy who attacked and threatened me) at suggesting that having me killed is not an appropriate response to the fact that I don’t want those idiots to waste any more of our money.

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