February 2024
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Who is getting richer? Who is getting poorer?

Following on from yesterday’s blog, we have a conundrum. The Government and its cheerleaders in the Torygraph, Times and Daily Mail claim earnings are rising faster than inflation and that the ‘cost of living crisis’ is over. But are they telling the truth?

This is what the ruling elites want us to believe (click to see more clearly)

wage growth2

This chart suggests earnings have been lagging behind inflation, but are now moving above inflation.

But this may be what is really happening (click to see more clearly)

wage growth1

A continuing fall in real wages

So, why the difference? I think it’s because the figures our rulers prefer to use include bonuses, whereas the figures our rulers prefer to ignore don’t include bonuses. And who gets bonuses? Ordinary workers? Or bankers, big company bosses, local government bigwigs and senior bureaucrats?

I’ll leave it to two readers of this blog to explain what is really happening:

“As predicted by many, incomes would drop and housing costs rise due to a huge influx of cheap labour from Eastern Europe and the third world. Wasn’t really that difficult to figure out. Let’s also factor in a rise in crime, squalor, and a strain upon public services and we can see exactly what our “elites” are doing to us. They are systematically taking a wrecking ball to the country.”

“Fact is there is no recovery. The recent housing boom has injected more money into the economy via the taxpayer backed mortgage scheme that the government has provided by increasing borrowing; but there has been no impact upon the number of paid working hours available nationwide, which are needed for families to pay their household bills. All we are seeing here is how zero-hour contracts and manipulation of benefit claimant figures have served to further corrupt the statistics in the coalition’s favour.”

Meanwhile, here’s a message from our rulers “We’re all in it together”


And here’s a comment an educationally-challenged reader just posted on my website: “UKIP are faschists. They need to be exposed! I’ve UKIP leafeters to the Police. In a dedent socisty they would all be in prion or the gulag undergoing re-education to become decent citizens.

Only a weird minority follw UKIP anywise! They are gpong nowhere.”


4 comments to Who is getting richer? Who is getting poorer?

  • John Fields

    I am trying to do some guess work. I think that your reader is a Tory with a public school education. Who else would have the nerve to write such crap!

  • MGJ

    Assuming your illiterate reader is not just somebody with an ironic sense of humour…isn’t it marvellous to know that your vote at the next election can be cancelled by somebody such as this?

  • NG

    The illiterate reader might be a Graniaud reader? Maybe a teechir?

  • shortchanged

    Maibee hiz spelcheker is broke mike line.

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