October 2021
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Why wouldn’t you buy it?

(Today – a plug for my latest book DON’T BUY IT! Tomorrow, back to the usual stuff, perhaps with “Was Churchill an Islamophobic racist who should be stripped of his honours?”)

Here’s what a few readers thought about my latest book DON’T BUY IT!

“I read your blog and have bought your book! The chapters on house purchasing and car buying made my blood boil, can’t believe I was taken in by all the patter, never again. Thank you”

“I  am on the third chapter and have already learned how to save thousands of pounds.
Even if you are just about to change your car at a main dealer you need to read the chapter on car buying to learn the dealer’s tricks awaiting you.
Be forewarned  – this book is invaluable!
It is an easy read….and a very rewarding one too.”

“As a regular reader of David Craig’s column I know what to expect  – and that is why I bought the book. So far I am only two chapters in but already I have learned so much – and I thought I was a savvy consumer. This is certainly a book to be bought by anyone who does not want to be ripped off. I am sure that reading about the tricks the salespeople use will save me the cost of this book many times over. As to the style of writing  – it is very readable and the information is clearly presented making it a pleasure to read even if the content makes your blood boil. This is an excellent book and my advice is Do Buy It.”

“This book is an eye opener. Intuitively you know that salespeople use these techniques, but sometimes it’s hard to respond appropriately. This book gives you the inside track, so you can more easily counter the patter they give you. The book is easy to read and understand, and is well worth the tenner or so. It is well presented and as Mr Craig says on his website, will probably save you more than you spend. It is a good investment – Do Buy It

So there it is – why wouldn’t you buy it?

2 comments to Why wouldn’t you buy it?

  • Paris Claims

    I got some book vouchers for my birthday, is your book available on the high street?
    I think the Churchill topic would be interesting. I know Paul Weston isn’t a well known name, and he leads a micro party, but surely one of the scabby daily papers might have reported the story? Seriously, if you can get arrested for quoting Churchill, the man recently polled as “The Greatest Briton that ever Lived” it’s worthy of a few lines in one of the rags.
    Thank God for the internet.

  • Alan King

    I would buy it! Or rather, I will as soon as I can find it for sale anywhere other than Amazon.

    If it is available elsewhere then Google doesn’t know about it which means it’s a fairly well kept secret!


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