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Aaarrgghh – the Warmists strike back

From the shrieking newspaper headlines on Monday this week, you might have thought that yesterday was April 1st.

Why? Because the totally discredited Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has issued its latest alarmist report claiming that what they now call “Climate Warming” will lead to “extreme weather events, famine, war and the breakdown of society”.

The problem for the IPCC is that temperatures have stabilised for the last 15 years while CO2 emissions have rocketed (thus completely discrediting the theory that CO2 can be responsible for warming). Yet the longer the earth fails to warm up as the Warmists predicted it would, the more shrill the Warmists have become in their insistence that humans are responsible for global warming (which incidentally isn’t actually happening) and the more alarmist are their dire predictions of impending disaster.

In the First Assessment Report (1990) by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) the experts concluded that human activity was probably not responsible for variations in climate, “The observed (20th century) temperature increase could be largely due to natural variability” (click on chart to see more clearly)

co2 and temperature

In the Second Assessment Report (1996), the writers concluded that there was no evidence that humans were causing warming, “None of the studies cited above has shown clear evidence that we can attribute the observed changes to the specific cause of increases in greenhouse gases, No study to date has positively all or part (of the climate change observed to (man-made causes)”.

That really should have been the end of the Global Warming panic. But by then the IPCC had been hijacked by environmental activists and one of the lead authors of the Second Assessment Report “helpfully” removed the paragraphs saying that there was no proof humans were responsible for warming and instead concluded, “The balance of the evidence suggests a discernible human influence on climate” And that entirely false claim was a key element of the “Summary for Policymakers” that went to the politicians that are now destroying our economies and jobs with their pointless green taxes.

This change led to the angry resignation of several of the authors of the original text. But by then the activists didn’t care – tens of millions in grants were pouring in and the politicians were jumping on the Global Warming bandwagon.

In the Third Assessment Report (2001) two years after the earth’s climate stopped warming, the lies got even bigger. “There is new and stronger evidence that most of the warming observed over the last 50 years is attributable to human activities”.

Incredibly, in the Fourth IPCC Assessment Report (2007), after 8 years of no observed warming while the amount of CO2 being emitted continued to shoot up, the “experts” closed their eyes to what was really happening and insisted, “Most of the observed increase in globally-averaged temperature is very likely (=90% probable) due to the observed increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations”.

And now, after 15 years of absolutely no warming, the IPCC claims there is no longer any scientific doubt that Climate Warming is being caused by human activity “scientists are more certain than ever that humans are behind the growing problem of global warming”.

You almost couldn’t make it up.

(So, before we’re all frazzled, could you please buy some copies of my latest book “DON’T BUY IT!” – after all, even if you don’t read it, you can use it as fuel on your fire as you try to keep warm during the coming mini Ice Age)

2 comments to Aaarrgghh – the Warmists strike back

  • rob

    We are still officially in the last ice age, the last few thousand years our planet has been slowly coming out of it, with the ice retreating. Arctic ice is not a normal situation for our planet over the last several billion years. So global warming is just a natural occurance of the end of each ice age which can take many thousands of years from peak to zero. Its because human civilization has only been arround 5000 years, its too slow for us to appreciate and notice, like evolution.

  • shortchanged

    Some years ago in Tasmania when the Franklin damm issue was on the boil, I tried to have an inteligent conversation with a demonstrator, but was shouted down by her and other ‘sisters of the revolution’. It was then I realised that you cannot converse with fanatics, and any attempt at calm discussion is futile.
    Another observation was that these demonstrators are mostly young prety girls of very aggresive persuasion: what a waste.

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