February 2024
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The chart that shows the EU can never reform

As we prepare for former MEP and now leader of the useless LibDems Nick Clegg to take on Nigel Farage in two debates (26 March and 2 April), we know what Clegg will say – that we’re better to stay in the EU and reform it from within. This is, of course, a pretty similar message to Cameron’s boasts about how he’s going to get “a new deal for Britain”. But it can’t be done.

Any major change in the EU has to be unanimously approved by all EU members. (Some minor changes can be approved by “Qualified Majority Voting” which gives larger countries more say) But the majority of countries in the EU love things the way they are. Why? Because they get lots more money from the EU, than they pay in (click on chart to see more clearly)

eu net contrib by country

Around 9 countries are major net contributors. While 15 countries are net beneficiaries. And if someone is generously handing you (mainly corrupt politicians and their business cronies) billions of euros every year, why would you want to rock the boat? The only way for Britain to get change is to get out of the oppressive, asphyxiating control of the corrupt, wasteful, undemocratic Brussels elites. As 46,000 immigrants pour into Britain every month, surely it’s obvious we have to get out of the EU before what’s left of our country is destroyed.

Meanwhile having almost started the Third World War with her attempt to grab the Ukraine away from Russia, blundering buffoon Baroness Ashton is in Tehran to talk about the mad mullahs’ nuclear weapons programme. No doubt her negotiations there will be just as successful as her incursion into the Ukraine.

ashton peace

And finally, thanks to a reader who pointed out that hidden away in one clause of the Lisbon Treaty is the requirement that Britain (at some point in the future) hands over control of our nuclear weapons to the new European army Brussels is trying to create. Funny, Cameron, Clegg and Miliband never mention that small point. That might help focus voters’ minds on the implications of handing over our sovereignty to a socialist superstate.

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