July 2024

How much does Britain’s Somali community cost us? £1bn a year? £2bn a year?

(To avoid any accusations of racism, all figures in today’s blog are taken either from the Office for National Statistics or from the Guardian – the bible of the bien pensants, professional handwringers and overpaid child molesters at the BBC)

We should congratulate Mo Farah for 2 great achievements. One – that he runs pretty fast. And two – that he comes from Somalia and actually works for a living.

There are an estimated 300,000 Somalis living in the UK. But the real figure may be higher as many Somalis with Dutch residence permits and passports are believed to have moved to the UK under EU freedom of movement laws because of the higher benefits paid here compared to Holland.

Unemployment amongst Somali men is believed to be around 65%. As you’ll see from the diagram, this is many times higher than any other ethnic group. In fact, it’s so far off the scale that I haven’t been able to include it (click on chart to see more clearly):

If we just play with a few imaginary figures: let’s assume that the 300,000 Somali population includes 80,000 men of working age and that of these, 65% (52,000) are each claiming about £25,000 a year in benefits (unemployment, jobseekers’ allowance, housing benefits, child benefits, council tax benefits and so on) for themselves and their families. If we could bring the unemployment rate for these Somali men down from 65% to the 15% for all black Africans, then another 40,000 Somali men would be in work and we’d be paying around £1,000,000,000 less a year in benefits.

Then we also have to account for the cost of schooling for maybe 80,000 to 100,000 Somali children. At around £3,300 per child per year, that’s another £264,000,000. Not that Somali children get much benefit from their time in education. According to the Guardian, just 33% of Somali children passed five GCSEs, compared with 59% for children from other African communities and 80% for Chinese children.

Then you have to add in healthcare, policing, housing and many other costs. Another £500,000,000 a year? Who knows?

Of course, Britain’s Somali community have brought their bright vibrant culture to our country. But this has been awfully expensive for British taxpayers.

1 comment to How much does Britain’s Somali community cost us? £1bn a year? £2bn a year?

  • Paris Claims

    How many Somali women work? Very few I imagine.
    Mo Farah won a couple of races at a recent meeting and is being touted as the greatest British athlete ever. He’s the best out of the current crop of distance runners, but he’s miles outside of a world record.
    He also seems like an nice chap, but British????
    It would be interesting to learn how his tax affairs are arranged. Does 40% of his massive earnings go straight into Gideon’s clutches? Or does he have some clever structure in place whereby he keeps the lion’s share? Or, is he out of the country so long each year that he gets to keep it all?

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