June 2024

Test your knowledge with our ‘Global Warming Hoax’ quiz

Here it is – the ‘Global Warming Hoax’ quiz.

1. 16 years ago, we were told by the Warmists that the earth’s temperature would rise by 0.5 degrees by now. How much has it actually risen?

A: 1.25 degrees        B: 0.5 degrees          C: 0 degrees

2. In 1999, Al Gore U.S. Vice President and presidential candidate had a declared net worth of $1.7m. How much is it estimated that he has earned since then from lucratively riding the Global Warming bandwagon?

A: $50m      B: $100m       C: $200m

3. Tory MP Tim Yeo has been hugely influential in the move to cut CO2 emissions and increase energy from renewable sources. In addition to his £66,000 MP’s salary, about how much does Tim Yeo earn each year from helping renewable energy companies?

A: about £30,000        B: about £66,000      C: about £100,000

4. Lord Deben (formerly John Gummer) chaired the Climate Change Committee which decided how much Britain’s CO2 emissions should be cut. Before that, he received an undisclosed pile of money as chairman of a firm trying to build a new power plant, Was that plant?

A: Shale gas extraction       B: Nuclear power      C: The world’s biggest windfarm

5. Human activities add how much to greenhouse gases?

A: 20%      B: 10%        C: 5%      D: 0.3%

6. Which world-famous “scientist” was included in a study which claimed that 97% of scientists believed Global Warming was due to human activity?

A: Daffy Dack         B: Dick Dastardly        C: Al Gore        D: Thomas the Tank Engine

7. What has happened to the Arctic sea ice in the last 12 months?

A: Decreased by 50%       B: The same        C: Increased 50%

8. How much does combatting the myth of Anthropogenic Global Warming cost UK households each year?

A: £3m         B: £30m             C: £300m            D: £3bn

9. If we have one hot summer or warm winter, the Warmists claim this proves Global Warming is happening. If we have 16 years of absolutely no warming at all, the Warmists claim 16 years is not long enough to draw any meaningful conclusion about global temperatures – true or false?

A: True          B: False

10. Global Warming (if it is even happening) is caused by human activity – true or false?

A: True          B: False

I imagine this was too easy and, unlike our useless Coalition government, you got them all right.


1. C     2. C     3. C    4. C       5: D      6: C      7: C        8: D         9: True         10: False

Oh, and here’s a special bonus question sent to me by a reader:

11. Former energy minister Chris Huhne now has a high paying job with energy giant Zllkha Blomas.  This is because:
A  He is a scientifically qualified expert in energy
B  He is a figure respected and trusted by the public
C  His political contacts will enable the  company to pinpoint officials amiable to inducements

2 comments to Test your knowledge with our ‘Global Warming Hoax’ quiz

  • Dan Pangburn

    A licensed mechanical engineer (retired) who has been researching this issue for 6 years, and in the process discovered what actually caused global warming, has four papers on the web that you may find of interest. They provide some eye-opening insight on the cause of change to average global temperature and why it has stopped warming. The papers are straight-forward calculations (not just theory) using readily available data up to May, 2013.

    The first one is ‘Global warming made simple’ at It shows, with simple thermal radiation calculations, how a tiny change in the amount of low-altitude clouds could account for half of the average global temperature change in the 20th century, and what could have caused that tiny cloud change. (The other half of the temperature change is from net average natural ocean oscillation which is dominated by the PDO)

    The second paper is ‘Natural Climate change has been hiding in plain sight’ at . This paper presents a simple equation that, using a single external forcing, calculates average global temperatures since they have been accurately measured world wide (about 1895) with an accuracy of 90%, irrespective of whether the influence of CO2 is included or not. The equation uses a proxy which is the time-integral of sunspot numbers (the external forcing). A graph is included which shows the calculated trajectory overlaid on measurements.

    Change to the level of atmospheric CO2 has had no significant effect on average global temperature.

    The time-integral of sunspot numbers since 1610 which is shown at corroborates the significance of this factor.

    A third paper, ‘The End of Global Warming’ at expands recent (since 1996) measurements and includes a graph showing the growing separation between the rising CO2 and not-rising average global temperature.

    The fourth paper exposes some of the mistakes that have been made by the ‘Consensus’ and the IPCC

  • another quiz question – Former energy minister Chris Huhne now has a high paying job with energy giant Zllkha Blomas this is because

    A He is a scientific qualified expert in energy

    B He is a figure respected and trusted by the public

    C His political contacts will enable the company to pinpoint officials those amiable to inducements

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