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Sometimes it can be difficult to prove that politicians are lying (even when we know they are)

Hopefully most people realise that most/all politicians lie most/all of the time. But it can be difficult to prove they’re lying. For a start, by putting pressure on obsequious, career-focused civil servants, politicians can control the information we are given. And even when the information is available, it often requires a fair bit of forensic analysis to expose the lies.

Here’s just one example of New Labour lies I found while writing SQUANDERED. In 1997, applications for asylum were running at about 30,000 a year. By 1999, they had more than doubled to over 70,000 a year. In 2002, aware of public concern, Britain’s most accomplished liar, Tony Blair, pledged to halve the number of asylum seekers and, sure enough by 2006 the number dropped to around 23,000 (click on chart to see Blair’s lies more clearly)

What Blair’s government didn’t mention was a massive increase in citizenships granted to foreigners (see chart). In order to make it look like they were reducing the number of asylum seekers, Blair’s government started throwing British passports around like confetti. When immigrants were being given passports so freely, they didn’t need to claim asylum – hence the almost miraculous drop in asylum seekers.

So, what lies are we being given by Coalition politicians? Last week we got the whopper about the £9bn 2012 Olympics having generated £10bn for Britain. Total garbage of course. We’re also getting plenty of lies about supposed Man-Made Global Warming. Having signed up to the new Global Warming religion, our leaders find themselves trapped by their own stupidity and forced to continue with energy policies that are destroying British jobs and wrecking our economy.

There are plenty of lies about the EU. No politician and no grovelingly-sycophantic journalist has felt it necessary to admit that unpopular policies like legalising single-sex marriage and privatising the Royal Mail (at a cost to us taxpayers of around £9bn), have been forced on us by the EU.

Then there’s immigration. Our leaders claim they can’t predict how many Romanians and Bulgarians will come to Britain after restrictions are lifted in January 2014. Yet more lies. Spain and Italy have fewer restrictions and there are about 920,000 Romanians and 170,000 Bulgarians in Spain. In Italy there are about 997,000 Romanians and over 70,000 Bulgarians. Britain has much more generous benefits and more jobs than Spain or Italy, So the absolute minimum number that will be moving here will be well over one million. Probably it will be closer to two million.

Knowing that a tsunami of immigration is going to hit us next year, our leaders are once again producing reports claiming immigration is good for Britain as we supposedly need more young immigrants to support our ageing population. Let’s test that – unemployment amongst Romanians and Bulgarians in Spain is 36.4% – that’s about 396,760 immigrants who are unemployed. So we can expect somewhere in the region of 400,000 Romanians and Bulgarians to be claiming benefits for housing, council tax and unemployment here in Britain. That will probably cost us about £200m a week – £10bn a year.  (There are already more than 140,000 here, many of them claiming benefits, in spite of supposed restrictions) It’s a pity our leaders haven’t bothered to give us these figures either.

So, what can we expect from our masters from now to the next election and far beyond? Lies, more lies and even more lies.

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11 comments to Sometimes it can be difficult to prove that politicians are lying (even when we know they are)

  • Dacia Felix

    The information about Romanians in Italy and Spain are completely wrong. Romanians went in Italy and Spain long before Romania joined the EU. They went to work, not to live on benefits (they had not rights to them anyway) and they did it for many years illegally until last year when all restrictions were removed. As a matter of fact, after Italy finally removed all the restriction is UK is die next year, the number of Romanians in Italy remained unchanged: there was no increase in migration to Italy whatsoever. I think you have been brainwashed by your xenophobic media that claims that Romanians are coming for benefits. The history of migration to Italy and Spain proves otherwise.

  • Paris Claims

    It would appear to me that the main driving force for politicians is greed, power, influence and (usually perverted) sex.
    They could achieve all this, and more, if they persued popular policies and ran the country with the best interests of the people as their goal.
    My conclusion is most must have serious personality disorders, and should be in a secure institution.

  • Dacia Felix

    I want to clarify an earlier posting: the nearly 1 million of Romanian workers in both Spain and Italy migrated before the admission of Romania in the EU in 2007. Romanians could have migrated to Britain but they did not: they went to warmer climate Romance speaking countries Italy, Spain and Portugal, even they had rights to nothing.
    All what UKIP and Migration Watch are telling you about Romanians are blatant lies: there will be NO invasion.

  • Rod

    Dacia Felix, you may be right or you may be wrong. The fact is, immigration from any country to the UK is unwelcome. The colour or the origin of the person is irrelevant. This country is full. England in particular has a higher population density than India, Japan etc. Besides, if immigration is so good, why aren’t the Romanian and Bulgarian governments advertising for immigrants? Your populations are falling because a lot of people have left. Your crime rates are also falling because a lot of Roma have left. In London, 92% of all ATM fraud is committed by your country men. Enough is enough!

  • Dacia Felix

    Fine, then sort out the 250 000 non-EU immigrants that settle down in UK EVERY YEAR. Funny how UKIP and MigrationWatch (and the Press) see the Romanians that are NOT here (and will never come en masse) but are quiet about the quarter of millions of Africans, Asians and rest that come to the UK every year and never go back. Stop making Romania the scapegoat FOR a very British immigration mess.

  • Dacia Felix

    Needless to say, even if Farage takes UK out of the EU, Britain will be culturally enriched by an extra 1 million of Third World immigrants every 4-5 years. Why Farage speaks only about Bulgarians and Romanians but not about these non -EU immigrants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rod

    If the British people are given a fair and honest chance to have a referendum, they would leave the EU-SSR. Besides, we don’t tell Romanians who they can and can’t allow to enter their country and we expect the same courtesy from foreigners here. Don’t dictate to us who we can and can’t allow into the UK.

    If you hadn’t realised, the UK is also a member of the Commonwealth (52 countries) and the Queen is the head of the Commonwealth. So who is allowed into this country is really not any of your business. We have a shared history of hundreds of years with these countries. We don’t with Eastern Europe!

    And please don’t spout any drivel about us all being Europeans and being equal. We are not. You will only be considered equal when your countries contribute as much financially as ours has done (for 30+ years). The British people are sick of immigration and open borders. Our politicians have failed us and do not represent us. That is why Nigel Farage and UKIP are so popular and will win the Euro elections and keep the pressure on LibLabCon liars!

  • Rod

    There is a limit on non-EU immigrants and the criteria for those to enter is getting tougher. There is NO limit on the number of EU-SSR immigrants. We are a small island with finite resources. We are full!

  • Dacia Felix

    So you don’t want Eastern Europeans, specifically Romanians, who are white and good Christians. Then enjoy your Muslims who are transforming UK in a dhimmi state: Ramadan stories on British TV, hundreds of mosques, interdiction to criticize Islam but full freedom in mocking Christianity, etc.
    Unlike you Britons, so happy in your on-going Dhimmitude, Romanians were never Dhimmi. For nearly 500 years they had to pay huge a fortune to keep the country (the Danubian Principalities) free of Islam: no mosques, no Islam, no Muslim people on its territory in exchange of huge sums of money. Next century, UK will be a Muslim state, Romania will remain fully Christian. OK< You don't want Romanians. We Romanians don't want British dhimmitude.

  • right_writes

    Whilst I agree with the content above David… I find the title a bit confusing, as I cleave to the old adage…

    When do you know if a politician is lying?

    When you see his/her lips moving.

  • Rod

    Dacia Felix, we don’t want any more immigrants period. What does your colour or religion have to do with anything? Which part of “we are full” do you not understand? The Ramadan stories on TV are driven by political correctness which is driven by the EU-SSR. Gay marriage is another thing ultimately driven by the EU-SSR. We want to leave the EU-SSR and regain control over our country’s borders. We should be able to decide who is allowed and who is not allowed to stay in this country.

    As for your inference that white Christian Romanians are somehow better that non-white Muslims, we don’t care. It is like choosing which is better, cancer or HIV?

    P.S. You never mentioned the Romanian Roma who have already caused many problems in this country.

    Or the fact that 92% of all ATM fraud in this country is committed by Romanians!

    Detective Chief Inspector Paul Barnard, who leads the police’s cheque and plastic crime unit, said: ‘The fact is, 92 per cent of all automated teller machine (ATM) fraud we see in this country is committed by Romanian nationals. Very, very tight communities, very tight gangs.’

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