December 2022
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Now the “smear UKIP” campaign gets serious – the ruling elites are afraid

First of all, congratulations to UKIP for a wonderful achievement.

Until Thursday’s local elections, the Tories thought they could get away with wheeling out the useless pile of lard Kenneth Clarke to pour scorn on UKIP. But that didn’t work, If anything, it reinforced people’s view of the Tories as arrogant, self-serving, out-of-touch, greedy, elitist scum.

So, following the election results, they produced Grant Shapps (reportedly a purveyor, under a false name, of Internet “get rich quick” schemes to the gullible with the usual excuse that the Tories “weren’t getting their message across”. Well, Mr “Stinking Rich” Shapps, you did get your message across extremely clearly – today’s Tory Party are economically incompetent, sycophantically pro-Europe and against the interests of the British people. For example, the £2.6bn increase in foreign aid (handing money to the most corrupt people in the world) two weeks ago, from £7.9bn to £10.5bn a year, is enough money to pay for the 40,000 troops and 32,400 police (and support workers) you are firing. And we still have the most generous benefits system for immigrants in Europe. For example, in other countries child benefit is only payable for children actually living in that country, in Britain you can get child benefit even if your supposed 5 or 10 children are still living in Poland or Latvia or Romania or wherever.

Moreover, the Tory campaign through obedient journalists to smear UKIP candidates as racists didn’t work either. Hopefully, I managed to show, over the last three days, that the real garbage can be found amongst the rapists, child-molesters and thieves who have been elected as Tory, Labour and LibDem councillors.

So, now we can expect the real war against UKIP to get going. Here the three main parties will connive to bring down UKIP as UKIP are a threat to their cosy grip on power and our money. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is just a fight between different political parties. This will actually be a war pitting the corrupt, self-serving, greedy elites against the people. It will be interesting to see who wins.

One reader of this blog suggested that I seem to be fond of Hitler spoof videos on YouTube. OK, here are four more:

Hitler explains why he’s voting for Farage

Hitler finds out he’s lost the US election to Obama

Hitler can’t find Wally

And one I love – Hitler does Gangnam style

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