March 2023
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Cyprus – another total balls-up from Barroso & Co?

Ha-ha-ha he-he-he. I’m sorry but I have to admit that I’m rather enjoying the shenanigans over bankrupt Cyprus. At the weekend, the idiots from the EU and IMF imposed strict terms on bankrupt Cyprus in return for a bailout. But the idiots forgot the oldest adage in the book about debt – “If you owe the bank £500, you’re in trouble: if you owe the bank £500m, the bank’s in trouble”.

The idiots had expected the Cypriots to swallow their bitter medicine as they assumed bankrupt Cyprus had no other options. Instead the Cypriots stuck two fingers up at the idiots and told them to stick their bailout where the sun doesn’t shine (obviously not Cyprus, where the sun does shine). Because, of course, Cyprus, although it is bankrupt, has a very strong hand to play. For example, if Cyprus went bust, there would be a risk that the whole of the idiots’ great Euro project to create a EUSSR could come crashing down as massive bank runs in the Club Med countries would bankrupt the European Central Bank. And that’s something the idiots can’t risk.

But Cyprus’ real trump card is Russia. Russia has something Cyprus wants – money, lots of it. Cyprus has two things Russia wants – loads of gas reserves and a possible Mediterranean base for the Russian navy. At this very moment the Cypriot finance minister is in Moscow. I imagine that behind the scenes in Brussels and Berlin there is something akin to total panic as the EU idiots gradually realise that their great plan for Cyprus has spectacularly exploded in their faces. Moreover, I can’t imagine the Americans being particularly chuffed if the EU idiots push Cyprus into the welcoming arms of a cash-rich Russian bear.

Once again, because of their arrogance and stupidity, the overpaid, over-pensioned EU idiots make a total balls-up of a relatively simple situation. Thank you Mr Barroso for some first class entertainment – I haven’t had so much fun in ages.

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