February 2024
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My 2013 predictions are already being proved right and how the Tories will “win” in 2015

Two of the predictions I made for 2013 are already happening:
1. That the Daily Mail would publish articles every few days saying house prices would rise, fall or remain stable and each article would say the exact opposite of the previous one.
2. That the Daily Telegraph would publish endless articles telling us that the Tories could still win the 2015 election. There was another one today, this time by right-wing dreamer, Fraser Nelson and in the Sunday Telegraph a couple of weeks ago, there were no fewer than three such articles on just one day.
In fact the Tories could still win the next election. But David Liar Cameron can’t. If the Tories slung out Cameron and his utterly useless work-experience chancellor, Boy George Osborne, and replaced them with Boris “the buffoon” Johnson and Philip Hammond, then they might have a real chance in 2015.
Boris may be bonkers, but he stands up for Britain and that will rally the Tory troops (and scupper) UKIP in a way that the greasy slimeball Cameron never could. And in an age of infatuation with superficial celebrity, a “personality” like Bonkers Boris is likely to attract votes just because of his media presence rather than for any policies. The best time to ditch Cameron and Osborne would be after UKIP wipe the floor with the Tories in the 2014 EU elections.
But the hapless Tories look like they’re going to hang on to Cameron and so thoroughly deserve the thrashing they will get in 2015.
The bookmakers currently have the odds of Labour winning in 2015 at 4:1. So that tells us all we need to know about Cameron’s great “victory” in 2015.

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