May 2024

Which are the most stupid? German eco-fascists or British ones?

Over the last decade, Germany has spent almost £100bn subsidising solar power. The only problem is that Germany is mainly a northern European country with plenty of clouds even in the summer and gloomy rain-drenched winters. So solar power only provides 0.3% of German power. And, if we round that 0.3% to the nearest whole number, solar power provides 0% of Germany’s electricity needs. Moreover, assuming man-made global warming exists (doubtful) Germany’s £100bn investment has been calculated to slow global warming by just 23 hours by the end of this century.

This is one of the key reasons why Germans now pay the second-highest price for electricity in the developed world (exceeded only by Denmark, which aims to be the “world wind-energy champion”). Germans pay three times more than their American counterparts.

Not to be outdone in utter stupidity, Britain too is wasting massive amounts to confront the fantasy of man-made global warming. To meet completely arbitary carbon reduction targets, our government is to spend £100bn of our money over the next eight years building 30,000 wind turbines and billions more building infrastructure to carry the little energy produced by these 30,000 wind turbines to the places it’s actually needed. That’s over £4,000 for every British taxpayer. Of course, if the wind blows too hard, then the turbines need to be shut down otherwise they get damaged. So we’ll need back-up power stations to keep the lights on. And if there’s not enough wind, then the 30,000 turbines will be useless and so we’ll need back-up power stations to keep the lights on.

So far, we have about 3,000 wind turbines in Britain and they supply around 0.4% of our energy. Again rounding this to the nearest whole number, this gives us 0%.

“But what about global warming?” you may protest. “The Arctic ice cap is shrinking by the day,” the eco-fascists constantly scream. Yes, there has been a loss of ice in the Arctic. But the eco-fascists seldom mention that the ice cover in the Antarctic is at an historic high. We definitely have a changing climate. And this change is due to many causes, primarily solar activity. But Germany pissing away £100bn on solar power and Britain pissing away £100bn on wind power are completely asinine ways to waste huge amounts of taxpayers’ money, push up our energy prices, make our industry uncompetitive, destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs and consign us to economic stagnation while the US and Asia experience eye-watering economic growth and prosperity.

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