May 2021
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The lunatics at the Daily Torygraph still believe Cameron can win in 2015

Another day, another article by a Daily Torygraph hack, sorry I meant “respected political expert”, about what lying incompetent posh boy David Cameron must do to win the 2015 election.

By the way, don’t bother reading it – the article is just the same garbage these people churn out day after day to get their £1 per word (or whatever it is the Torygraph pays).

Cameron is toast along with the liar and buffoon Osborne. But what do they care? They have their millions, they’ll probably both get overpaid jobs as “advisers” for investment banks and as a former PM, Cameron can claim over £100,000 a year taxfree of our money till the day he dies. So they’re all right, Jack.

Cameron has made so many mistakes that it’s impossible to list them here. But perhaps the three greatest are: 1. He didn’t implement spending cuts immediately on taking power, and instead allowed spending and debt to keep on increasing. 2. He didn’t have the courage to take on the useless, overpaid, overpensioned Brown bureaucrats who have wasted over £1trn of our money. 3. He preferred to put one of his chums as chancellor – an inexperienced, arrogant, self-satisfied, pig-ignorant, preening, intellectually-challenged runt – rather than choosing a figure with the gravitas, experience and general respect necessary to make people accept unpopular policies.

But with over 800 days to go before the 2015 election, we can expect hundreds more well-paid, totally pointless, vacuous articles from the laughable Torygraph on what Cameron must do to win in 2015.

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