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Those crafty Chinese have really hit the jackpot this time

Friday/weekend blog

I’ve been rather unwell and so haven’t had time to think about writing a blog. But during my withdrawal from the human race, I came across this recent YouTube video from Dr John Campbell.

It seems those clever Chinese have really found ‘the big one’. Apparently Chinese scientists have managed to identify a coronavirus from pangolins and developed it in the lab to create a real winner. For a start, this new virus is highly contagious as it is transmitted through the air by people coughing or even breathing. That’s great.

But the most wonderful thing about this virus as that it has a 100% fatality rate in what are called ‘humanised mice’ by destroying the central nervous system and the brain. Just what any self-respecting authoritorian dictatorship would want in its arsenal of weapons.

I wonder how long it will be before this little beauty is accidentally released from a corrupt, dirty, badly-run, unhygienic Chinese lab or before a country full of crazies like Iran gets hold of it and decides to have a little fun?

Anyway, here’s the good doctor:

3 comments to Those crafty Chinese have really hit the jackpot this time

  • A Thorpe

    I have no time for Campbell. When covid appeared he was in full panic mode about the model generated death data without looking at the actual data, and stressing vaccination without looking at the trial data. Then he changed his mind and ignored his failings.

    Here he is concerned about the Chinese when the west is also concerned about what to do if a dangerous virus appears. The west managed to make everybody afraid of covid and severely damaged our economy with their pointless actions. We don’t need the Chinese, our politicians and scientists are quite capable of destroying the western economy.

    Even worse, he describes this as possible biological weapon development. Does he really think such work would be published? It is also an airborne virus and uncontrollable so could end up back in China.

  • nick

    Is the scientific term for this kind of thing by any chance utter bollocks?

  • Stillreading

    Dr. John Campbell (well-earned Doctorate in Teaching of Nursing, rather than the “courtesy” title of doctor immediately awarded on graduation from Medical School) is well worth watching and listening to. Quite whence appeared the terrifying bit of research he discussed earlier this week requires further investigation. Which Dr. Campbell will undoubtedly pursue – he probably already is. As for his initial endorsement of the covid vax, personally I tend to have more time for such as he (and I myself) who, accustomed to have greater faith in both our Government and many members of the medical profession than, I now realise, was merited, are not shy of admitting that yes, they/we welcomed the arrival of the vax, together with the return of personal freedoms which it seemed to offer, and gladly trotted along and rolled up our sleeves. Of course, there are many now who, like certain responders to this blog, unequivocally state that, having at the introduction of the vax considered in scientific and biochemical detail what was on offer, realised its dangers and declined to take it into themselves. More power to them. Evidently they had more time and knowledge at their disposal than the great unwashed majority of the UK – and indeed most of the rest of the free world. Not forgetting either that for many of working age, job retention was dependent on taking the jab. In fact, more meritorious, surely, openly to acknowledge, as Dr. Campbell has done, that in the light of emerging statistics and evidence one has changed one’s mind (the Consultant Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra is another such) than to aver that right from the start one “knew” the dangers of the faux vax. For the sake of humanity I fervently hope that the paper referred to in today’s blog is a vile hoax. Given the filthy Wuhan lab, Fauci’s denials of USA involvement in covid’s evolution, the dollar signs probably already gleaming in the eyes of Big Pharma’s Big Bosses and Bill Gates, I wouldn’t like to bet either way.

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