February 2023
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In 29 months, Balls will be back in Downing Street – and he’ll have to clean up his own sh-t

There are only about 29 months to go before a triumphant Ed Balls returns to Downing Street as our next Chancellor. Now you might say he’s not actually returning as he wasn’t Chancellor when Labour tried to bankrupt Britain. But remember, liar Brown was just physically and intellectually a one-eyed Scottish historian who has probably learnt less from history than any person alive. Balls, that great economic genius, was the driving force behind Brown’s supposed economic policies all the time.

Brown and Balls both claimed to be Keynsians. A key part of Keynes’ theory espoused by the worthless incompetent Balls was that during an economic downturn, governments should spend to mitigate the effects of the downturn. However, Brown and Balls apparently forgot the other half of Keynes’ theory – during an economic boom, government should spend less than it earns so that it has the resources to counter the inevitable downturn. For those two liars and buffoons Brown and Balls, government should spend (and waste) more than it earns during periods of economic growth and then spend more than it earns during periods of economic contraction. You don’t have to be a great economist like dumb butt-head Balls to understand that this can only lead to national bankruptcy.

Although it’s virtually certain that the repulsive, leering, economically incompetent Balls will soon be running Britain’s economic policy, amazingly there hasn’t been a single article in the press speculating what the fool Balls will actually do. So here’s my take on events. Following Labour’s victory in 2015, there will be a collapse in the value of the pound and a leap in the rate of interest the Government pays on its debt. This will give Balls the typical Labour excuse of blaming capitalist speculators, rather than Labour’s economic incompetence, for Britain’s problems. Balls will then launch a crushing tax grab to try to avoid national bankruptcy. Under the banner of “fairness” Balls will try to get hold of a large amount of the £3.5 trillion Brits have in savings – including about £800bn in private pension funds. At the same time, Balls will make Britain’s economic situation much worse by giving huge pay rises to public-sector workers to satisfy his public-sector union paymasters.

The only comfort from the economic horror facing Britain is that Balls will be forced to clean up his own economic excrement. When the useless Tories took over in 2010, national debt was about £700bn (80% of GDP). By the time Balls takes over at Number 11, it will be £1.5trn (120% of GDP). There is a certain satisfying irony that the huge steaming pile of suppurating economic excrement inherited by the loathsome lying creature Balls will be entirely of his own making.

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