February 2024
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Why do our corrupt leaders want to get us stuck in yet another unwinnable war?

Hopefully, most people have realised that all our major institutions are thoroughly corrupt. Our MPs are just a bunch of lying, expenses-thieving scum. The Lords have recently changed their expenses system to SOSO (Sign On Sod Off) so they can steal our money without ‘breaking the rules’. The NHS is wasting over £1bn giving top managers hundreds of thousands each in supposed redundancy then immediately giving them highly-paid new jobs . All our major supposed regulators – the FSA, Ofgem, Ofwat – are ineffective and corrupt. Our banks are all corrupt. Thanks to the Sunday Times Insight team we know also know that most of our military bosses are just whores who will sell themselves to arms companies providing there’s enough cash for them.

So why was one of Britain’s top military chiefs allowed to do an interview in the Tory Party mouthpiece, the Daily Mail, suggesting that British troops would soon be off to Syria? It’s inconceivable he did this without the express permission of Downing Street.

My worry is that Cameron’s new election adviser, Lynton Crosby, may have decided that, as Cameron and Osborne have failed to revive the British economy, a successful little war – just like in Libya – would be just the thing to make Cameron look like a great international leader and boost his chances at the next election. As for our military bosses, they’ll do or say anything to keep their highly-paid, highly-pensioned jobs and ensure a comfortable retirement whoring themselves out to the highest bidder.

So I would suggest to recidivist liar Cameron, Syria is not our problem. In fact, as with the 10-year Iran/Iraq war, the longer the socially and religiously backward Arabs (and Persians) go on killing each other, the better it is for our national interest because, as we have seen time after time, as soon as our Arab brothers stop hating and killing each other, they start hating and killing us. Living in peace doesn’t seem to be in their vocabulary.

So, Mr Cameron, we don’t want your Syrian war. We don’t want your ‘limited intervention on humanitarian grounds’. And we don’t see why we should be borrowing money we can never pay back to give in supposed ‘humanitarian aid’ to be stolen by a bunch of corrupt Arabs who loathe us, especially when oil-rich Arab countries contribute nothing because they don’t give a damn about their own people.

Syria is not our problem. If Syrians want to kill each other, then let them get on with it.

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