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Some people really are (IMHO) crazy

Friday/weekend blog

Below (in blue) is a letter I was sent by email. I guess I was on the emailing list because I wrote the book – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS.

The email is a proposed letter to be sent to MPs about climate change. The letter starts off seeming reasonable to me and, of course, I agree with the author that net zero is economic and societal suicide. But the letter then starts ranting about climate change being a Club of Rome and World Economic Forum plan to depopulate the planet. In my humble opinion (IMHO), the letter is so deranged that MPs’ assistants will bin it long before it gets anywhere near an MP. So it’s rather a waste of time.

Moreover, it’s usually a good idea to avoid mentioning the Nazis and the Holocaust and mass genocide if you want to be taken seriously.

Whoever wrote this letter is (IMHO) an idiot and I’ve emailed him to let him know.

I will spare the author’s embarrassment by withholding his email address.

Here’s the letter:

Letter to as many MPs as possible: Draft for discussion

Dear Sir/Madam


I wish to draw your attention to the following statement

“As to the disastrous consequences of eliminating fossil fuels, it is estimated that nitrogen fertilizer (derived from fossil fuels) now supports approximately half the global population. The government of Sri Lanka banned the use of fossil fuel derived nitrogen fertilisers and pesticides with disastrous consequences for food supply there. If similarly misguided decisions are made eliminating fossil fuels and thus nitrogen fertiliser, there will be a starvation crisis worldwide. It is critical to repeat: eliminating fossil fuel-derived fertiliser and pesticides will create worldwide starvation. And scientifically there is no risk of catastrophic global warming caused by fossil fuels and CO2.” (from a recent paper by Dr William Happer, Dr Richard Lindzen and Gregory Wrightstone)

Therefore do you support the current legislation to achieve net zero, bearing in mind that doubling the current level of CO2 at 412 ppm has virtually no effect on global warming?

If so, do you also support destroying the UK economy to achieve net zero by eliminating the use of extensive coal and gas supplies under our feet in the UK bearing in mind that it will take the UK over 2,000 years to add just 1 ppm to the global level?

If so, you are clearly costing UK taxpayers £billions for absolutely no benefit and no reason at all. Hence, your active involvement in repealing this catastrophic legislation (imposed on the UK whilst we were in the EU) as soon as possible is long overdue.

Furthermore, it is necessary to question WHY has this catastrophic and totally stupid desire to reduce global CO2 output been promoted and implemented by the UN, the IPCC, EU and other organisations including the UK government?

The answer must be contained in the quote below:

“eliminating fossil fuel-derived nitrogen fertiliser and pesticides will create worldwide starvation”

It is therefore obvious that climate change, which has no risk of catastrophic global warming, is being used to divert attention from the desire to de-populate the earth by global starvation, i.e mass genocide. The commitment to reduce the earth’s population has been around for years and was stated by the Club of Rome in 1968 and more recently by the WEF.

The Nazis said and proved that if a lie is repeated and vigorously promoted it is eventually believed by the populace. To make the lie more believable it was helpful to make the populace terrified of the consequences for not believing it.

Climate change obviously fits both scenarios. The WEF could hardly campaign publicly for global genocide to reduce the world population. So, campaign for climate change, terrify the masses and in the process introduce measures (such as reducing nitrogen fertilisers to reduce CO2) which will reduce world food production and starve millions, if not billions, of people.

Hence by supporting and promoting climate change and net zero policies you are allegedly unwittingly or knowingly supporting the global policy for mass starvation, promoted by the WEF and others. You are definitely not helping to reduce catastrophic global warming as it does not exist!

Hence, if you knowingly support your parties (sic) policy on climate change and alleged global genocide you are requested to detail how many lives you believe should be culled from the following population groups, as a result of your agreement and acceptance of the policy of net zero:

  1. World population generally
  2. Commonwealth citizens
  3. UK citizens
  4. Your constituents

This information should be provided under the Freedom of Information legislation.

Yours faithfully

3 comments to Some people really are (IMHO) crazy

  • A Thorpe

    I think you are perhaps being a bit hard on the writer of this letter. I say this because I have seen the same claims repeated elsewhere. I think Principia Science and the Global Research organisation publish these claims as well as other people writing about the WEF and the pandemic. It really relates to what I have been saying recently and the climate article in TCW, which is there was no evidence presented in the article to support the views and there is no evidence to support the claims in this letter you publish. It could be that the writer has just done a copy and paste job because this is what he believes and he hasn’t looked for the evidence. The same applies to Farage and Rees-Mogg. Both criticise the net zero policy but neither seem to understand that it is the fake climate alarmism that drives it. I watched last Friday’s Gardeners World last night and they were discussing peat free compost. The case they made was based on digging up peat releases carbon dioxide and causes global warming.

    I’m starting to think that the human race is going backwards, perhaps because we have so much knowledge that it is becoming impossible to understand more than a fraction of it. We are returning to primitive beliefs and fail to see the lack of evidence to support them. TV and the internet probably play an important part in this because it is so easy to believe where there seems to be mass support.

    I am concerned that the vaccines and now net zero are being claimed as a depopulation agenda by the elites. I can’t see any evidence to support it and it makes no sense, especially the vaccines because they cannot be controlled unless some people have been given placebos. But it isn’t the first time that this has happened. We had Malthus saying we could not produce food for a growing population and eugenic theories always seem to be about. Some say Bill Gates is an enthusiastic supporter of it. But I do think there is a problem with the increasing population and it is that there isn’t enough work for everybody because of increasing efficiency.

  • NoVaxxholeMe

    If the writer of that email is crazy then so am I, mate. Nothing crazy about it. The leaders of the western governments – of the UK and US governments in particular – are nihilists – mental sickos. If the idea was to make them look sane and the writer of the email look crazy (as a reversal of the truth) when the reverse is obviously the case, it was very poorly executed.

    You can see these nihilists in action at the BBC. The BBC is pushing all of the current governmental nihilism that is also bringing about its own destruction.

    At bottom, these narcissistic nihilists are intent on getting rid of themselves but project their own mental state on to everyone else.

    But, you may ask, just how did so many lying fcuk-ups manage to come to power? – By taking advantage of EQUALITY, which winds up putting the last first and the first last. The original successful recipe for inverting a culture first put forward by Christianity, the aim of which was to bring the Roman Empire down via a religion that would appeal to its low orders.

  • Marc Ager

    Yeah. The sub-humans now in control of the west are false all the way through, so lying and falsifying come naturally to them. Moreover, they have no respect for honesty and the truth which they despise as weakness. That is how low they are. But they fear honesty and truth the most, which is why they buy everything up that can expose their lies and plans. There are now so many dots connecting all of the deliberate fearfulness, huge costs and disorganisation they are creating with lies and unnecessary wars that even a simpleton should be able to discern the dystopian outcome they are manufacturing. But, as is the case with the BBC, their own actions will ultimately bring them down. Let’s hope that their downfall is sooner rather than later.

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