June 2024

Are there only two MPs at Westminster with any integrity?

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I did start to write a weekend blog but didn’t manage to finish it.

However, yesterday I came across a Dr John Campbell video from Friday 17 March. The video features a speech given in Parliament last Thursday or Friday by MP Andrew Bridgen. Bridgen is talking about the harms done by the mRNA vaccines and demanding an immediate stop to the vaccination programme. I’ll leave this up for three days as I think this is so important.

The key points about this video seem to be:

  • The speech is exceptionally well-informed – I believe Bridgen actually studied virology in his university days
  • As soon as Bridgen stood up to speak almost all the few cowardly, gutless MPs who were present in the Commons walked out because they didn’t want to hear what he was going to say

If Bridgen is right about the mRNA vaccines, the real scandal will not be the fact that our rulers made a mistake in believing in their efficacy and pushing them. We all make mistakes. The scandal will be our political and medical elites’ failure to react once it became clear that the mRNA vaccines were expensively doing more harm to more people than the disease they were supposed to be targeting.

Bridgen has, as you probably know, been thrown out of the Conservative Party.

But even worse is the fact that the UK, Australian and Canadian governments have all agreed massive deals with Moderna to produce a new generation of mRNA vaccines in the three countries. Not a smart move if it turns out that mRNA vaccines are a disaster.

And then there’s a funny coincidence. Theleme Partners (the Hedge Fund set up by our PM Rishi Rich along with some other financiers) has, I believe, around 36.69% of its assets in Moderna. That’s an extraordinary concentration when a standard rule of investing is that you ‘spread your risk’. A cynic might suggest that you would only have such a concentration if you had inside knowledge of events which would favour that company’s shares. Though we don’t know if Rishi or his family members or his chums still have a financial interest in Theleme Partners.

I love coincidences, don’t you?

Anyway, here’s the Dr John Campbell video with Andrew Bridgen’s (IMHO) brilliant speech.

Oh, by the way, I think that the MP who stayed voluntarily to hear the speech and who made a supportive interruption may be Sir Christopher Chope, MP for Christchurch. But I may be wrong.

6 comments to Are there only two MPs at Westminster with any integrity?

  • Carolyn

    What an infantile bunch our MPs are. Poor old Bridgen has been cancelled and they don’t want to be seen in the same room as him in case it’s catching. Gutless wonders the lot of them but that’s no surprise is it?

    Meanwhile I thought they’d gone very quiet on the subject of boosters but mother’s surgery called yesterday to see if she wanted her booster. No, she did not.

  • adrian

    The MP was suspended for five days due another matter. He still sits on the government benches.

    Andrew Mitchell is the one who ushered MP’s from the chamber;

    It was Chope.

  • Stillreading

    The entire mRNA jab set-up, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Theleme Partner’s disproportionate Hedge Fund investment in the latter – one contrary to every single principle of normal investment policy in such funds – not to mention Sunak’s apparent associated financial interest in this Company, absolutely reeks of stinks of corruption. Every Western nation is, it seems, determined to continue to push the jab onto its citizens, some going as far as sticking it into 6 month old babies, yet few in the medical establishments of these countries are asking “Why?”. For children and almost all healthy adults the current variant of the plague is scarcely distinguishable from a common cold. At least in the UK we are now spared the element of compulsion, although persuasion continues. I have received several texts instructing me to turn up for the latest dose. (I am not complying and regret ever having had the first three in the light of what we now know.) The “stick” is still applied in other countries though. Within the past few weeks Djokovic was banned I believe from participating in tennis in the USA because he has refused to take the poison. Those of us who have turned away from the jab because of what we have learned anecdotally and from courageous folk like Dr. Aseem Malhotra, Mark Steyn, Dr. John Campbell, Andrew Bridgen, Christopher Chope, to name but a few, can all probably envision the future scenario. The jab will be pushed and pushed, using fear of future severe illness to persuade the populace to present their arms (most of my elderly neighbours have recently had their 4th and will undoubtedly equally happily have a 5th, a 6th..) until sufficient of the stuff has been jabbed into people to justify the enormous cost incurred by taxpayers in its acquisition and the associated enormous profits made by Big Pharma. Then it will be quietly dropped, by which time all deaths, disabilities, and lives ruined by the jab – or ALLEGED to have been ruined The Powers That Be will say! – will be written off to innocence, to inevitable errors of judgement resulting from an emergency situation, etc.etc. Sickening. Finally we shall of course be told that “Lessons Have Been Learned” All this will be some years from now, when most of those currently speaking out will be long gone. We are now experiencing a stalling operation which will continue until memories have faded. Andrew Bridgen is a man of courage and conviction, rare qualities indeed in today’s politicians and to see him speaking to an empty House of Commons last week was deplorable. A vivid demonstration of the contempt our Elected Members have for us, the people who put them there.

  • Paul Chambers

    Sadly i don’t think the government minister stayed to listen to the debate. She was only there so she could respond – parroting the official moronic government propaganda.

    Mitchell of course is very pro Bill and a leader no less of selling the inactive polio jabs for the benefit of little african kids. Anybody claiming this is having adverse effects on that population is cast incommunicado into the wilderness.

    The vax IDs will not go away though i fear. This is the grand plan and has been on the drawing board for a long time – some say theranos was part of this before it collapsed. PCR testing was the work around but like climate change they cannot drop it. Rishi links to moderna and digital id via father in law does appear rather obvious but i think these people are desperate and time is fast running out.

  • A Thorpe

    Whatever you intended to write cannot be more important than this. It is proof that we do not matter because it raises the issue of who is in control. Bridgen was elected to parliament by his constituents who voted for him as a Conservative MP. The whip has been removed, not by parliament, not by the Cabinet, but by the Tory Party. It is the Tory grandees who control everything. Parliament should be controlling the Cabinet but it hasn’t done so for years because the MPs are all seeking promotion. As Mark Twain said, “If voting changed anything they wouldn’t allow us to do it.” Very soon we will be receiving siren sounds on our phones when we commit a thought crime against the government.

    Can we view events as a mistake? Perhaps everything about the pandemic was exactly as intended. Billions have been made as a result and the millions dead or injured do not matter. I wasn’t vaccinated because the mRNA vaccines were completely new and fortunately I knew something about RCT as a result of a complaint about a treatments I had. It wasn’t difficult to see that I was being lied to about efficacy and safety. There was no excuse for any qualified health professional not to know this but how many spoke out about it? Campbell promoted the vaccines and so did Malhotra. It is the MPs job to find the facts and they have teams of professional advisers available. But it wasn’t only the vaccines that were a problem. The virus was promoted as being extremely dangerous based on modelling rather than real world data and promoting by a man who had a record of failed predictions.

    We are the fools and it is becoming easier to fool us. Again Mark Twain said it is easy to lie to people but much harder to convince them they have been lied to, and especially when they may have a dangerous vaccine in them.

    There was an article on TCW yesterday – Ten Questions for your MP – which is worth looking at. There will be no answers provided on any issue.

  • Stillreading

    Three years ago Drs. Campbell & Malhotra believed, as did virtually all doctors, nurses, paramedics and the vast majority of the population, including me, that our and other Western Governments were telling us the truth – that we would be at very real risk of being hospitalised at least, of dying at worst, should we contract covid-19. That is the reason we almost all obeyed instructions to keep our distance, to have minimal contact with our elderly and frail relatives, to mask up and to follow all the advice we were given to keep ourselves and others safe. Amongst the general population, there was a very definite “1940s” spirit of “we are all in this together, so let’s stop moaning and do the best we can.” We were overjoyed when the jab appeared to offer release from these extreme measure and a return to normality. We could hardly wait to be called to offer up our arms. Coming from a family with a lot of medical knowledge I know that doctors and nurses who lauded and administered the jab did so with the very best of intentions. They, like the rest of us, trusted Big Pharma. That some have now changed their minds in view of accumulating evidence that the jab never ever did what we were told it would do and furthermore has caused actual harm and are sufficiently courageous to say so publicly is to their credit. They should not be excoriated for having initially supported it.

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