May 2018
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Grasping, short-termist BAE bosses fill their pockets while destroying British jobs

I don’t quite understand what BAE are up to with their proposed merger with EADS. But there are three certainties. 1. BAE bosses will all pocket millions if the deal goes through. 2. A tie-up with EADS will wreck BAE’s US defence business causing thousands of job losses in Britain. 3. In order to provide ‘synergies’, sales, administration and manufacturing will be rationalised – given that the French and German governments will protect jobs in their countries, most of the job losses will be in the UK. But what do BAE bosses care? They’ll get rich and keep their highly-paid, highly-pensioned jobs.

We saw a similar situation about ten years ago, I think. BAE bosses made millions selling off their civil aircraft (Airbus) wing-manufacturing business. British jobs disappear, key British skills are lost, BAE bosses get rich.

Laughably, while talking about helping British industry and creating British jobs, our lying, hypocritical Government is backing a deal which will destroy British jobs. Defence Secretary Philip Hammond is busy lobbying other countries to get the deal done. No doubt a juicy, well-paid job with BAE awaits Mr Hammond, unlike thousands of BAE employees who will soon get their P45s.

Once again, it’s snouts in the trough for our rulers and sod the rest of us.

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