December 2023
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Just remember, all our politicians are lying and stealing and lying and stealing

As the last of the three party conferences adds to global warming with all its hot air and general flatulence, it’s perhaps worth remembering that our politicians are having a very expensive laugh at our expense.

Labour, of course, wrecked the economy. During the Brown/Balls boom of 2000-2007, tax revenue went up by an amazing 75%. If Brown and Balls had just increased public spending by 70%, they could have paid off all our debt and wasted huge amounts on pay rises for unnecessary public-sector bureaucrats and thousands more politicians and hangers-on in the regional assemblies. But Brown/Balls more than doubled spending so our debt went from £320bn to £750bn. By the next election it will be £1.6trn – we are pretty much bankrupt as we cannot pay this back in our or our children’s lifetimes.

Cameron talks about necessary cuts. But when he became PM, he immediately made 117 of his cronies into peers so they could steal over £6m a year in supposed expenses for the rest of their lives using the House of Lords SOSO (Sign On Sod Off) system.

Osborne talks about necessary cuts. But when he became chancellor, he set up 2 new pointless quangos – the Office of Budget Responsibility and the Office of Tax Simplification (well-paid jobs for Osborne’s chums) – which cost us over £4m a year to do what the Treasury’s 1,500 bureaucrats should already be doing.

Clegg talks about necessary cuts. But he wasted £80m of our money on his AV referendum and would have wasted over £100m more on a new vote counting system if AV had been introduced – just to get a few more LibDems into Parliament. Then Clegg tried to change the Lords by having an incredible 450 elected peers (the US senate only has about 100 senators). This would have cost us another £200m a year – just to get a few more LibDems into the Lords.  

Meanwhile, our MPs have watered down rules on their expenses and are each claiming on average £40,000 a year more in expenses than they did before the expenses scandal broke.

Incompetents, liars and thieves the lot of them.

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