December 2022
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Is this the real reason Germany and others won’t let Greece dump the euro?

Our leaders have given us many supposedly convincing reasons why Greece should stay in the eurozone – Greece leaving would provoke a banking crisis; Greece leaving would lead to contagion in Italy, Spain and Portugal; Greece leaving would shake international confidence in the euro; etc etc etc.

But there is one thing our euro-loving leaders never dare mention. What if Greece was to leave, reintroduce the drachma, devalue its currency, become competitive and quickly start to grow its economy as its weaker currency made it a very attractive destination for holidaymakers and investment?

If that happened, then ordinary voters in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus and Ireland would look at the Greek success and start to wonder why they should be suffering Brussels-imposed austerity and crippling levels of unemployment. Then they would vote in their millions for any political party that dared to defy the unelected fool Barroso and his unelected commissars. That would threaten the power of our EU-loving leaders, so it cannot be allowed to happen.

As far as our leaders are concerned, come hell or high water, Greece must be kept in the eurozone, even if this destroys the Greek economy. Setting Greece free would open Pandora’s Box as others realised that they too should try to escape from the crushing oppression of the euro. Maybe this is the real reason Greece is being forced to stay in the eurozone?

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