October 2021
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Liar Cameron should read the Daily Torygraph to see how much we despise him and Osborne

You expect the Guardian and the Mirror to loathe our lying, incompetent PM. But actually he is probably more despised by conservative supporters.

If you read the Daily Torygraph (I do as I will not pay Murdoch to read The Times online), you’ll find journalists and commentators take Cameron and Osborne seriously and witter endlessly on about Tory policies (an oxymoron?) and the importance of the reshullfle.

But if you look at Torygraph readers’ comments, you’ll find that Cameron is despised for his indecisiveness, shallowness, dishonesty, lack of leadership and incompetence. As for Osborne, his total uselessness and inability to do anything but give more and more of our money to the banks, which they then use to speculate on food and oil, has readers spluttering in almost incoherent fury. One asked how can you reshuffle tripe, another wrote about reshuffling a pack of jokers and a third suggested that Cameron could find a better bunch of ministers at the monkey house in London zoo than amongst the worthless failures he has chosen. These are people who would normally support a Tory government.

Mr Cameron you are a liar; you are incompetent; you are a shallow PR spiv; you have nothing to offer the country; and you should resign.

Mr Osborne you are a liar; you are incompetent, you have never had a proper job in your life; you should resign and go back to folding napkins at Selfridges – if they would have you.

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