May 2021
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A mesage to our troops – your military bosses don’t give a toss about you

Today the bodies of three soldiers killed in Afghanistan will be flown back to Britain. What did they die for? Um. To keep us safe from terrorism? I don’t think so? To build a free democratic Afghanistan? Pull the other one. To continue a pointless war that has gone on for longer than the First and Second World Wars trying to protect a corrupt, drug-dealing, puppet government that has stolen billions of our aid money to buy luxury homes in Dubai? Yes, I think that’s why they died.

What about our military leaders? Well they don’t care. They’re living lives of luxury at taxpayers’ expense. Over 400 of them get £87,000 a year each so they can live in huge houses. About 30 of these get a massive £150,000 a year to pay for things like servants and gardeners. The navy has 421 officers, including 41 Admirals, eighty Commodores and 300 captains for about 40 fighting ships. The RAF has 446 officers, including 26 Air Vice Marshalls, 90 Air Commodores and 330 Group Captains for less than 20 squadrons (about 820 planes). What do all these officers do all day? How can they find something to fill up their time?

Over the last 20 years, the number of ordinary soldiers, sailors and pilots has decreased, but the number of officers has increased. Our military bosses have become overpaid, underworked, overpensioned bureaucrats. Pointless, pompous shiny arses, just out to fill their own pockets with our money. Desperate to hang on to their positions and privileges. Self-serving, politically-subservient, sycophantic desk jockeys who don’t give a damn about the troops they so lucrativley command.

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