July 2018
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How we Useful Slaves are being suckered by the TWITS, TOABS and SCUM

One reader of this website suggested we no longer have upper, middle and working classes in Britain any more and instead the British could be split into four main categories. Very slightly paraphrasing this person’s idea, I came up with:

 TWITS: Those Who Inherited Their Swag (including royal family) – those we stupidly call lords and others who have never done any proper work. Waste of skin Prince Charles, liar Cameron and useless Osborne are perfect examples of this bunch of self-serving parasites.
TOABS: The Over-rewarded Arrogant Bastard Shower – rapacious bankers, underperforming overpaid business bosses, incompetent bureaucrats with big salaries and even bigger pensions, greedy, lying expenses-thieving politicians (local and national) and military leaders with houses, servants and other perks who live the high life while their troops get slaughtered propping up a corrupt, puppet government in Afghanistan.  Most TOABS are not much good at what they do. But they do realise that their privileged positions are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to stuff their pockets with other people’s money.
SCUM: Scrounging, Cunning, Unemployable Millions – who get what they don’t deserve, paid for by the fourth class of British people – the Useful Slaves who can be bothered to work. There are probably more than two million people in the SCUM group and they’re increasing by the day thanks to uncontrolled immigration into ‘Benefits Britain’ and the fact that we pay them to have children they can’t be bothered to educate or control
US: At the bottom of the pile are the Useful Slaves, who have to work and pay taxes to subsidise the comfortable lives of the TWITS, TOABS and SCUM. Note that this group does include many extremely rich people (who have earned it by doing something useful) and some extremely poor people (who don’t have much because what they do isn’t rewarded properly). Useful Slaves also include all our troops who have fought and been killed or maimed in ‘War Criminal’ Tony Blair’s pointless wars – wars where he didn’t think of sending his own children to fight.

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