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More lies and lies and lies from lying EU boss Ursula Fond of Lying?

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First a brief explanation for my absence – not that anyone cares.

I decided to spend the latest UK lockdown on a beach in Thailand – wonderful weather, fabulous food and lots of ‘entertainment’. I managed to get out of the UK at the beginning of December during a brief interlude between lockdowns. I’ve now returned to lockdown Britain seven kilos lighter – having swum two kilometres a day and done various other physically strenuous activities with great regularity (thanks Pfizer) – and several thousand pounds poorer than when I left at the beginning of December.

But it was worth it!

What a clusterf*ck from EU boss Ursula Fond of Lying?

As I was living the good life in a Thai beach resort, I didn’t bother to follow all the convoluted shenanigans around the failing EU vaccination programme run by the appropriately-named German EU boss Ursula Fond of Lying.

From what I understand, some of the key elements of Ursula Fond of Lying’s massive vaccine clusterf*ck were:

  • Angela Merkel instructing all EU countries to hand over responsibility for vaccine purchase and roll-out to the EU Commission run by Merkel’s protégé – Ursula Fond of Lying – to show the world that EU solidarity would allow the EU to successfully manage the Chinese plague crisis more effectively than EU countries acting alone
  • Angela Merkel instructing the German health ministry to write a letter to Fond of Lying apologising for Germany even considering to buy vaccines outside the ‘fabulously successful’ EU scheme
  • Fond of Lying having a long history of failure in several German government positions – most recently at the German Ministry of Defence
  • Fond of Lying managing to spend over  €130m on refurbishment of a German navy training ship that should have only cost around €13m and having wasted millions on management consultants
  • Merkel shifting her protégé Fond of Lying to become EU boss to promote her out of trouble at the German Ministry of Defence
  • a failure by the European Medicines Agency (for which Fond of Lying was ultimately responsible) to do a ‘rolling review’ of the vaccines under development despite thousands of EU citizens dying each week from Xi Pingpong’s Chinese plague. Instead, the eurocrats at the European Medicines Agency just sat on their hands for a couple of months waiting for the vaccine manufacturers to provide all the facts and figures required for vaccines to be approved
  • a decision by the bureaucrats at the European Medicines Agency to take a 2-3 week break at Christmas and New Year in spite of thousands of EU citizens dying each week in the greatest medical emergency since the 1918 Spanish flu. Perhaps Fond of Lying also gave herself a few weeks off as her holiday plans would possibly have been more important to her than the thousands of EU citizens’ lives that would be lost due to the eurocrats’ Christmas and New Year holiday break
  • Macron wanting France to be the ‘saviour of Europe’ from French pharma company Sanofi producing a French vaccine and thus putting pressure on EU boss Fond of Lying not to buy too many vaccines from the horrible Yankees or the even more horrible Brexiting Brits  as the tremendous Frog vaccine would soon be available. Sadly for the granny-banging, gerontophiliac little Napoleon Sanofi’s great Froggy vaccine doesn’t work and may never work
  • Merkel, Macron and Fond of Lying starting a campaign to rubbish the Brexiting Brits’ AstraZeneca vaccine to try to cover up their own failure to place orders till 3 months after the British Government had bought tens of millions of doses
  • Fond of Lying trying to smokescreen her own failures by launching a full-scale attack on AstraZeneca threatening legal action against the company for breach of contract and publishing a a heavily redacted version of the contract. But when the full contract was published, we learnt there was absolutely no basis for Fond of Lying’s legal threats
  • Fond of Lying even sent in the EU Gestapo to raid AstraZeneca’s Belgian factory to supposedly discover millions of doses of vaccine that the company was supposedly hiding and secretly shipping to the hated Brexiting UK. Fond of Lying really knows how to make friends and influence people!
  • Merkel, Macron and Fond of Lying being so successful in pouring sh*t all over the AstraZeneca vaccine that around 80% of the doses supplied to EU countries are sitting in fridges around Europe unused because EU citizens believed Merkel, Macron and Fond of Lying’s claims about the AstraZeneca vaccine being ineffective in older people and more dangerous than the other vaccines
  • Fond of Lying using other smokescreens to hide her own incompetence such as accusing the Brexiting UK of endangering its citizens by approving vaccines too quickly while not mentioning her European Medicines Agency’s extended Christmas and New Year break and her European Medicines Agency’s failure to accelerate approval by doing a rolling review of the various vaccine trials as was done by the loathsome Brexiting Brits
  • Fond of Lying accusing the hated Brexiting Brits of ‘vaccination nationalism’ while herself blocking the export of 250,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine from an Italian factory to Australia
  • perhaps the biggest lie from Fond of Lying is the accusation that the UK is endangering its citizens by extending the time between vaccinations from 21 days to 12 weeks. But I guess Fond of Lying doesn’t realise that if one dose of the vaccine gives say 75% to 80% protection against hospitalisation and two doses increases this to say 90% to 95%, then simple arithmetic says it’s better to give as many people as possible one dose than to give a much smaller number of people two doses. Perhaps arithmetic wasn’t Fond of Lying’s strongest subject at school? The tragedy now is the Fond of Lying would lose face if the EU did a reverse ferret and the EU were to adopt the loathsome Brexiting Brits’ strategy of extending the period between first and second doses of vaccine. So, thousands of EU citizens will now be condemned to unnecessary WuFlu deaths so that Fond of Lying isn’t seen to have made yet another disastrous decision. But they should die happily in the knowledge that they died to save Fond of Lying’s face and career.

As I wrote at the start, I was having so much fun in Thailand that I didn’t keep up with all the machinations of Fond of Lying as she (IMHO) lied and squirmed and obfuscated to cover up her own recidivist failures. But at least the above will give some flavour of Fond of Lying’s character, competence and morality.

Maybe even Fond of Lying’s predecessor, the useless drunk Juncker, wouldn’t have made such a world-class clusterf*ck of WuFlu vaccinations as the appropriately-named Ursula Fond of Lying?

3 comments to More lies and lies and lies from lying EU boss Ursula Fond of Lying?

  • Dave.

    Welcome back David, your observations have been missed.

    I too have been there, albeit for a few weeks, 3 months must have been heaven on earth.

    The dark forces have risen considerably in your absence, much homework for you.


  • Hardcastle

    I have missed you.Good idea to get out of here for a while when you could.Resistamnce is not futile,it is imperative.Looking forward to you catching up with the lying bastards,welcome home.

  • Ed P

    Great post on your return!

    I love ‘Fond of Lying’ and hope it goes ‘viral’.

    As I also hope for the tag, President Xiden.

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