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Record cold weather is definitive proof of Global Warming!

Can you imagine any UK TV news channel ever daring to broadcast anything like this?

Thank heavens for Sky News Australia.

2 comments to Record cold weather is definitive proof of Global Warming!

  • A Thorpe

    I haven’t watched this channel recently but this video and the last I saw do not impress me. The last one ended with this same journalist saying we have to decide if the models match the theory, showing his lack of basic understanding. The models are the theory and both have to be tested against observations from the actual climate. However, we know the theories used to define the greenhouse effect are not based on known physics. Human caused climate change is nonsense, just as it was hundreds of years ago when witches were accused of weather cooking.

    In this video he is guilty of drawing conclusions based on a few cold days, and to refer to a little ice age happening is ridiculous. There was a bit of ice on one part of the Thames and it was hardly very significant. When we have crop failures because of cold weather, then he can claim a Little Ice Age.

    This attitude arises because of the idea that the Earth’s climate can be defined by one number, an average temperature. How has humanity sunk to this low level of ignorance to believe this is acceptable? The variation in Earth’s temperatures can only be realistically viewed as a distribution and I have only seen this presented by one person – Darko Butina. A search of his name will bring up his work. He analysed the past temperature records and showed that there are more extreme cold days than hot days. This does not tell us what the future climate will be, but he shows how to interpret what we have experienced. However, his work might be wrong since I have not seen anybody repeating the analysis to verify his conclusions. This identifies another problem which is public money is being diverted into pointless studies to prove we are changing the climate so research to establish what is really happening is not being done.

  • William Boreham

    Proof that Biden really is in the early stages of dementia:
    Joe Biden appoints climate team, says ‘we’re in a crisis’

    “President Biden vowed to make combating climate change central to rebuilding the pandemic-hit US economy. He also stressed the diversity of his climate appointees, describing them as “brilliant, qualified, tested.”
    US President Joe Biden has announced key members of his environmental team, saying that his administration would make a unified response to climate change a priority.
    “Folks, we’re in a crisis,” Biden said at an event in Wilmington, Delaware. “We literally have no time to waste … Just like we need to be a unified nation to respond to COVID-19, we need a unified national response to climate change.”
    The nominees, he said, will “lead my administration’s ambitious plan to address an existential threat of our time — climate change.”
    Biden has vowed to reverse many of the current Trump administration’s initiatives that boosted oil and gas production and rolled back regulations intended to protect the environment.
    Most notably, Biden promised to rejoin the Paris climate accord, which President Donald Trump abandoned during his term.
    The incoming president’s decision to appoint an environmental team is in sharp contrast to the incumbent.”

    And with that other gullible buffoon, Johnson, in the same camp, I’d like to ask them a couple of questions: Question 1: When in the last 4 billion years has climate NOT been changing? Question 2: What is the ideal temperature we need to set the global thermostat at and why at that specific temperature? Question 3: What will happen if we in Britain all go back to living in caves, abort every new baby, and 95% of all that’s left commit suicide? Say we cut carbon emissions to zero — while the Chinese and Indians continue to pump out ever-increasing tons of carbon. Will the end of Britain affect global warming/climate change in any way? The only way this country can survive in a competitive future is to provide an abundance of energy by the least expensive means possible – and that isn’t from unreliable, very expensive, green ‘renewable’ sources like wind and solar.

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