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Our “wonderful NHS” or a slaughterhouse?

In WWII there were around 454,000 British casualties – 384,000 military and about 70,000 civilians. Assuming the war lasted about 1,800 days, that gives about 252 casualties a day.

A health service or a slaughterhouse?

During the last month over 1,000 people died in British hospitals every single day just from Xi Pingpong’s Chinese plague. That’s over four times as many daily deaths as occurred in WWII. In fact, it’s now seen as a huge success for our “wonderful NHS” which is the “envy of the world” that daily deaths have just dropped below 1,000 a day to about 700 a day:

I have recently been in a country with a similar population to the UK. There they have had 72 Wuflu deaths. No, not 72 deaths a day. Not 72 Wuflu deaths a week. Not 72 Wuflu deaths a month. Not even 72 Wuflu deaths a year. There have been just 72 deaths in total from the plague accidentally released from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

So, while we in the UK have become accustomed to thousands of Wuflu deaths every week, the people in the country I visited have looked on with consternation and horror at the slaughter being carried out in British hospitals. And there has been amazement that so many people are dying in a supposedly advanced ‘first-world’ country like the UK.

Obviously the main part of the problem in the UK has been the Government’s utter failure to control the spread of the Wuhan plague. But the almost obscene death toll in British hospitals suggests that something is going terribly wrong in how Wuhan plague sufferers are being treated.

I obviously don’t know what is going wrong in our “wonderful NHS” that is supposedly the “envy of the world”.


  • doctors are slamming DNR notices on almost everyone entering the hospital
  • doctors are failing to use proven effective treatments like Budesomide, Dexamethasone and Colchicine
  • there are too many supposed ‘doctors’ from corrupt culturally enriching countries where the award of medical degrees depends largely on the bribes one’s parents have paid to medical school professors or, in the case of female students, whether one has had sex with one’s professors
  • patients are being dumped into wards with little care and just left to die
  • up to 40% of Wuflu deaths were of people who actually caught the Chinese plague in our filthy, dirty, multi-culturally-enriched Third-world hospitals while our angelic nurses were busy chatting to each other about their love lives as their patients were being infected and dying

But whatever is happening in the hospitals of our “wonderful NHS” that is supposedly the “envy of the world” something is going terribly wrong.

A  “Singapore moment”?

This is a true “Singapore moment”. In 1942, the British commander of the 136,000 troops in Singapore surrendered to an attacking Japanese force of about 30,000 (if I remember correctly). From that moment the myth of the invincibility of the British Empire was destroyed, the British Empire collapsed and Britain went into decline as an economic and military power.

In a similar way now, the massive death toll in the West from the Wuhan plague, particularly in the UK, has shattered the myth of the supposed superiority of the West and paved the way for the economic and military decline of the West and the rise of Asia – an Asia controlled by China.

Welcome to the Asian future.

4 comments to Our “wonderful NHS” or a slaughterhouse?

  • William Boreham

    I was commenting recently about the difference in Covid deaths between Japan and Britain with the coming (or probably not coming) Olympics in mind. Here in Britain, we have the world’s 5th worse death toll with 115,748 Covid deaths so far compared to Japan, very near the epicentre, with nearly double our population and also with an elderly population – 6860 Covid deaths. How did they do it? Can’t see the Japanese welcoming in thousands of Western Covid spreaders into a virtually Covid free country, Olympics or not.

  • A Thorpe

    We are constantly told the number of deaths caused only by Covid. Most of the deaths involve other illnesses. I cannot see how it is possible to carry out any analysis of deaths without first looking at the total number of deaths in relation to other years. 2019 had one of the lowest death rates for many years so a comparison with 2020 immediately exaggerates the situation. I calculated the standard deviation for the last 20 years from the ONS data based on the age standardised death rate per 100,000 people. The difference in deaths between 2019 and 2020 is slightly more than one standard deviation. The is no pandemic based on these figures. Going back further the standardised death rate in every year from 2008 into the past was higher than 2020 and it all went unnoticed and with no panics or lockdowns. It is likely to be similar in every other country.

    The UK government claims that the proportion of deaths from Covid is very high, but a crude look at the data shows this cannot be correct. In 2020 the average daily deaths was 1665 so 665 were not related to Covid last month. But in 2019 when there was no Covid there was an average of 1452 deaths a day. This means there has been significant fall in deaths from other causes. This cannot be possible.

    Perhaps there is another way to look at the fall of Singapore. My understanding is that our government expected an attack from the sea, but the Japanese came in through the open back door. We are fools to put our trust in any government. As Reagan said the most frightening words in the English language are, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”. Biden said, “I’m here to help”. In the UK we just have headless chickens in control.

  • Good one Thorpe! Like votes, as proven in the USA, the result depends on who is doing the counting and on the courts having the power to refuse examining the evidence of vote-rigging.

    There have been suggestions from on high that some lockdown restrictions will have to stay in place forever.

    There is next-to-no talk in the media about antiviral drugs.

    Why are antiviral drugs NOT being developed that can treat Covid-19 in the same way as they are used successfully to treat HIV for which there are no vaccines after 40 years? Maybe existing antiviral drugs would be effective against Covid-19/20/21/22.

    How much cheaper would it be to use antiviral drugs to treat the very small number of people who are seriously affected by Covid?. Instead of destroying the world’s economy and causing untold suffering and vaccinating the entire population two or three times a year at astronomical cost?

    Indeed, the antivirals that treat HIV successfully would probably also treat Covid-19.

  • David Bailey

    I came here via Tony Heller’s website.

    “Obviously the main part of the problem in the UK has been the Government’s utter failure to control the spread of the Wuhan plague”

    I would have thought from your seeming understanding of other subjects and from your website subtitle you would also understand that viruses are never really controlled (and certainly not by government). They run their course and, by the grace of God, those who remain either acknowledge Him with thanksgiving or just carry on until the next round.

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