February 2023
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Want to stop malnutrition, Mr Cameron? Then just stop corruption

Our useless, arrogant lying PM David Cameron is hosting a supposed world summit on how to stop malnutrition. No doubt this will end with the fool Cameron borrowing even more money to give away to the world’s most corrupt countries. Repeated studies by the UN have shown that 80% to 90% of all aid gets stolen by corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and their business cronies. For example, India is running a multi-million pound programme to eradicate malnutrition there and most of the food has been stolen and sold by corrupt officials. Slightly different, South Africa recently put aside over £20m to buy school books – almost all the money was stolen by corrupt ANC officials. On many aid programmes in Africa, all the money given gets stolen.

I once met a senior employee of an aid agency in Nepal and they admitted privately that virtually all money given to countries like Pakistan gets stolen. Time and again, after earthquakes and other natural disasters, we are told to give millions, we give millions and a year or two later it is discovered (surprise, surprise) that the victims are still homeless or living in shacks and almost all the money we gave has ‘disappeared’. Nigeria should be one of the world’s richest countries – instead it is one of the poorest because most of its oil rvenues are stolen by corrupt politicians and officials. And so it goes on and on and on.

So don’t believe Cameron’s self-righteous bleatings. Sadly most poverty is self-inflicted due to government corruption and incompetence. Until you deal with corruption, nothing will change and almost all our aid money will be wasted.

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