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Pfizer boss sells lorry-loads of shares. What could that mean?

(Thursday/Friday blog)

The mainstream media do NOT decide who the next US president will be

First I would recommend readers go to Wednesday’s blog and click on the headline. That will take you to ‘readers’ comments’. In the ‘readers’ comments’ there’s an excellent explanation of how the US presidential system works. This points out that the result doesn’t need to be called until all the votes are counted. So, it’s not up to the mainstream media to decide who won the election.

Lots of pfizz at Pfizer?

On Monday, Pfizer shares soared 16% following a bullish statement on the company’s experimental COVID-19 vaccine showed 90% effectiveness in preliminary results. You probably all saw media interviews with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla explaining all about the vaccine’s “90% effectiveness”.

Then on Tuesday, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla reportedly sold 62% of his stock:

(to see the above form more clearly, left-click on it and then left-click again)

The SEC Form 4 filing showed Mr Bourla sold 132,508 shares at an average price of $41.94 per share, equivalent to $5.6 million – nearly top-ticking the 52-week-high:

Mr Bourla’s sale was reportedly conducted under Rule 10b5-1, established by the SEC, allowing the corporate insider to sell a predetermined number of shares at a predetermined time. A Pfizer spokesperson told Axios that the CEO’s predetermined trading plan was formed in August.

This reminds me of a silly song from 1974 which went something like this: “The bosses were Kung Flu fighting – they were selling with expert timing”.

I’m no financial genius, nor am I an epidemiologist, nor even a vaccinologist. But I suspect that the initial media and stock-market ecstasy over the Pfizer 90% effectiveness vaccine will abate more than slightly as people realise two things:

  • the logistical difficulties of distributing a vaccine that has to be kept at around -78c
  • the fact that the Pfizer vaccine will probably cost around £29 per treatment (two jabs) compared to the £2.23 per dose (just one jab) for the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine (if that proves effective)

And these two more than minor issues may even negatively impact Pfizer’s share price.

Though I have read somewhere that Pfizer are working on developing a powder version of the vaccine to overcome the logistical difficulties of transporting the current vaccine at -78c.

But I suspect that within the next few months other companies will develop more robust and cheaper vaccines.

Yup, the Pfizer big boss was certainly “selling with expert timing”.

What about the 5 billion in the world’s hell-holes?

How are the five billion people living in the world’s hell-holes going to be vaccinated? After all, people who haven’t yet invented the wheel are hardly likely to be able to transport, distribute and administer a vaccine that needs to be kept at -78c.

And then there’s the price of the Pfizer vaccine. I know that the developed countries give over $100bn in aid to Third-World hell-holes every year. But most of that money gets looted by the Third-World kleptocrat rulers and funnelled into offshore bank accounts or else spent on buying palaces, private jets and fleets of Mercedes. So there’s no way the five billion or so Third-Worlders will be able to pay for the Pfizer vaccine – or even the much cheaper Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine.

But don’t worry. In spite of the fact that the Third World’s five billion people are responsible for their own misery due to their stupidity, laziness and corruption, we’ll be told that it’s our duty to provide the Third-Worlders with a vaccine at our expense.

In fact, such glorious corruption-free organisations as the ludicrously misnamed United Nations and the even more ludicrously misnamed World Health Organisation, which was largely responsible for the spread of the Kung Flu by denying human to human transmission and advising against a ban on international flights, are already preaching to us about how we all need to work together to protect everyone against Xi’s Chinese plague.

Prepare to be lied to and scammed yet again by our unelected, utterly corrupt, self-serving globalist rulers.

3 comments to Pfizer boss sells lorry-loads of shares. What could that mean?

  • William.Boreham

    I’m hardly surprised that Pfizer’s CEO took advantage of the share price leap, earning himself a tasty £4.2million – nudge, nudge. Just by reading through the list of class action lawsuits against that company over the years, like producing a Mechanical Heart Valve Prosthesis that killed 500 people and more recently the heartburn drug Zantec that was contaminated with a ‘carcinogenic and liver damaging impurity’ – I would take any claim they made with a pinch of salt.

  • A Thorpe

    As you know from your experience with The Times, the media now controls what we are allowed to say. There is censorship on social media sites and cancel culture is rife. Manmade global warming was made real because the organisations promoting it also control the media reporting it. The media’s objective is not to report news, but to determine what the news should be and what we think about it. What concerns me most is that opinion is polarised and nobody has their views challenged. On this forum, it is the same people with similar views. It is exactly the same with Tony Heller’s YouTube channel, which has far more followers but they are mostly all of the same view. One dangerous aspect is that the polarisation is also based on age and so families are being divided.

    I have seen some claims for the Pfizer vaccine trial but not any original published material. When it comes to Covid, trials seem designed to promote a policy. The standard in healthcare is a randomised control trial. For cancer treatment it would take a group of patients with the cancer, some would get the drug and some a placebo. With Covid vaccines people in the trial have to be infected and the trial results do not tell us anything about that. Out of just under 44,000 people 94 showed symptoms and it is being claimed a success. Perhaps only 94 were infected. There is no indication that any on the placebo were seriously ill, no mention of any being hospitalised or dying. We want a vaccine that is going to prevent us dying. Even the flu vaccine does not do that for many patients. The vaccine trials look like another scientific scam to me, all designed to enable lockdown to end and fill the coffers of the drug companies with our money for no proven benefit.

  • Brenda Blessed

    And don’t you just love the proliferating fictional mixed-race scenes in commercials?

    Black hands and black women with afro hairstyles are trending in the ads across TV and the web.

    The mixed-race couples in the ads are usually black and white. Black men don’t have a tendency to remain with the black women they put in the club here and in the USA.

    In any case, if a white woman wants to have children with a future, I would thought that the last choice would be a black man for the reasons given in this blog post.

    I see that the resigned head of the FA said some non-PC while, probably on purpose, while under interrogation by our Gestapo. And now the call is going out that his replacement should be black due to the fact that a third of the players here are now black.

    Gary Lineker said on ITV that he would decline an offer to do that job because he is no good at organising. Is it too much to suggest that the reason that the job has not gone to someone black has to do with the same reason.

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