February 2024
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Get Covid – live longer!

(weekend blog)

I don’t have a story today as I believe I would be contravening the Obscene Publications Act were I to show you some of the wonderful things being done by our friends in the countries where the world’s favouritest religion dominates.

Get Covid  – live longer!

But I was slightly amused by the latest statistics from the ‘experts’ analysing Chinese Plague deaths. It appears that the average age of those dying from Xi-Flu is 82.4 years old. However, the average life expectancy in the UK is 81.15 years old.

Does this mean that getting Covid-19 helps you live longer?

Joe Biden will NEVER become US president

The only other inane thought I had today was that Joe Biden will NEVER become US president. Of course, he might be elected, he might give his inauguration speech, he might even move into the White House. But Biden is old, senile and deteriorating rapidly:

Should the Americans actually be stupid enough to elect Biden, they will actually be electing rabid leftist, West-hating, Izlumophiliac, rapemigrant-loving Kamala Harris and the Squad:

From the day Biden supposedly becomes president, it will actually be Kamala Harris and the Squad deciding and implementing policy – and those policies will include things like:

  • grovelling to China and Iran
  • abandoning Israel
  • granting free healthcare to millions of illegal immigrants
  • opening the borders to millions more migrants
  • banning fracking destroying tens of thousands of jobs and the USA’s energy independence
  • implementing the absurd Green New Deal which will cost trillions and bankrupt America
  • defunding police departments and giving the police’s billions to corrupt, self-serving supposed ‘community leaders’
  • implementing new ‘hate-speech’ and ‘hate-thought’ laws to protect our wonderfullest religion from any criticism or mockery
  • use the excuse of ‘more diversity’ to pack the Supreme Court with Democrat-supporting, big-state-loving, freedom-hating judges
  • try to change or replace the Electoral College to ensure Democrats never lose another election
  • and much much more………

Moreover, a Harris administration (with Old Joe as a doddering, impotent figurehead) would also be a disaster for Britain as the Democrats hate the UK and would much rather pander to the non-democratic, bureaucrat-ruled EU.

The mainstream media all know that a vote for Biden is actually a vote for Harris and the Squad. But they choose to not mention this.

7 comments to Get Covid – live longer!

  • twi5ted

    The democrats hate the UK as does the UK state although really it’s democracy, free speech and capitalism they both hate. Harris is a wet dream for these people standing for all things they would love to promote too. Interesting to see if the turkeys vote for Christmas.

  • A Thorpe

    It is good to have somebody who understands statistics and can give us the truth about Covid19.

    Can the Democrats cause us more problems than we already have? We have Laurel and Hardy in Westminster and The Krankies in Scotland. But less than a month before we know our future.

  • bad brian

    I am at the stage that if America does decide to “drink the Cool Aid” I will stand back and be amused as they pluck out their own eyes and vomit their own young down the nearest sewer.

    I think that the problem might be that your typical American, or a large proportion of them are simply bored and unconciously want to see what happens when the secret bonfire in the basement is lit.

    America is made up of so many factions these days that it is not really a country but has reverted back to being a loose collection of induvidual states that is further divided along the lines of rural / city, black, white, latino, chinese, korean / junkie / new age, chimp / human , christian/ atheist, sun woshiper which was bad enough until the Muslim community exploded in their midst sucking the will out of anyone who tried to live a decent honest life and not be a burdento to others. More fool them .

    The fact is that the proportion of Americans who do a real days work are being sucked dry by the majority of parasites who are either unemployed or hold non jobs, many of which bestow power over their hard working neighbours.

    Equality officers, social workers, traffic cops, most journalists, school boards, BLM campaigners, community leaders, tax funded immigration lawyers ,industrial scale
    drug dealers and their politicl allies, microsoft, apple, amazon but mostly Muslim senators, all sap the will of the ordinary Joe who can no longer fight back and see’s his kids being brainwashed by the state when he looks at his kids schoolbooks and realises that the emphasis is more on Transgender rights than the hopes and dreams of the Founding Fathers.

    The same thing is happening all over Europe. If we can’t deport a Nigerian drug dealer because he shagged his ho and her legs spat out a kid as if by some miracle, then why shoud I be paying into the system that beleives that some drug dealing Nigerian who does not know how to sick a condom on the end of his dick has the right to remain in my neighbourhood because his Ho produced a kid ? Why not deport all three of them instead ?

    The law is failing the people who pay for the law , the benches are full of demented crusty old men and women who defiantly wear spider broaches as the stench of death wafts from their rotting gums through blackened teeth and envelop us with every breath. The see themselves and portray themselves as very tolerant and open minded people, telling anyone who disagrees with them that they are biggoted and lack compassion but, should anyone suggest they step dowm or question that their over generous pensions be reviewed then they become rabid in their own defence.

    And to get rid of the troublemakers and nonentities, we have the House of Lords. Ruth Davidson will soon be swelling their ranks in more ways than one. I hope the benches are strong enough to take her. Why would we ever consent to be governed by a woman who did nothing whatsoever in her political life alonside the underwear princess Ms MOAN, who at her peak filed accounds that her oversize “Bra” company made £30k a year at it’s peak ? What an achieviement. When Cameron made her a Lord do you think he might have hoped she would shag him as is the custom of Glaswegian women who wish to show gratitude for being given a job at £300.00 a day where you have to do fuck all ? ?

  • William Boreham

    Kamala Harris’s record as district attorney of San Francisco and California attorney general is summed up in these two articles.
    Soft on crime and a consequential breakdown of law and order.
    As the idols that every mindless idiot are going down on their knees to worship (even in this country) are low-life habitual small-time criminals, perhaps that’s the sort of society the Yanks want to live in, California writ large.

  • A Thorpe

    Brian, you really are very bad today, but I like it.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Good one Brian!

    What is coming has been called when the SHTF for at least a decade.

  • Tomsk

    Biden will never be president because he isnt chosen to be president.The real powers, the elites and powerful dems want Trump to win, this is why they have put a senile old man against him. Whether Yrump is part of the show remains to be seen but once Trump is reelected the show will really begin. Resulting in Trump being removed by hook or crook and Obama officiating a new order. Potentially a far greater 9 11 event also as civil war escalates.

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