June 2024

Americans and Australians can still expose bollox – even if we’re afraid to

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

As far as I know (and that’s not very far), Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp owns two main TV stations – Fox (including Fox News) in the USA and Sky (including Sky News) in Australia. Until 2018, News Corp also owned Sky (including Sky News) in the UK but sold out its remaining stake to a company called Comcast.

It may be interesting to compare the editorial positions of Fox News (USA) and Sky (Australia) with the position of Sky News UK.

Simplifying slightly, I have the impression that Fox News (USA) and Sky (Australia):

  • support Trump and conservative ideas like patriotism and self-reliance
  • deride Saint Greta the Gormless and ridicule the ludicrous Man-Made Global Warming scam
  • warn against the dangers of political correctness
  • believe Black Lives Matter is a violent, anarchist, neo-fascist mob dedicated to destroying Western society
  • don’t accept that we should allow the West to be invaded and over-run by Third-Worlders who hate us and our culture and want to destroy our civilisation
  • are slightly skeptical about how peaceful the Religion of Total Peacefulness actually is

Sky News (UK) on the other hand seems to me to be just a copy of the lefty propagandising BBC or the UK-loathing C4 News – politically-correct, virtue-signalling, Greta-worshipping, Emma-Thompson-adoring, rapemigrant-loving, West-hating, knee-taking, Climate-Change-obsessed garbage.

Given that Fox (USA), Sky (Australia) and Sky (UK) are all commercial organisations reliant on advertising revenues for their survival, they must all do continuous consumer research to find out what their audiences want to hear. So they must have established that there is a considerable and lucrative audience in the USA and Australia for tv news that is prepared to challenge lefty, progressive, brain-dead bollox whereas the audience in the UK don’t want to hear anything which contradicts the crap pumped out by the BBC and C4 News.

I  guess that tells us something about our country.

I strongly recommend that readers occasionally go to Youtube and search for Hannity and Tucker Carlson on Fox News or Andrew Bolt on Sky News (Australia). There is absolutely nothing that I would recommend on the (IMHO) UK-hating, progressive, lying Sky News (UK)

Anyway, to cheer us up on this dismal start to the week, here are a few minutes of Sky News (Australia) daring to question the Man-Made Global Warming scam. It’s a pity that we have to go to an Australian TV station to find out the truth. But I suspect there’s no news channel in the UK which would dare to broadcast anything so supposedly ‘blasphemous’?

3 comments to Americans and Australians can still expose bollox – even if we’re afraid to

  • A Thorpe

    Sky News Australia is certainly seems different to other TV news channels but I only have that view from watching extracts on YouTube related to climate change. I haven’t seen much else from them. I just did a search to see what I could find about the police and mask wearing in Melbourne. I found one item showing the young woman “attacked” by police criticising them, but when it came to mask wearing generally they were supportive. I have yet to see any research results saying masks work but I have seen lots saying they don’t, but all in clinical situations and none related to our “normal” daily lives. So their view supports politicians and does not look at the evidence.

    I have seen Fox news supporting Trump and critical of all the rioting and looting related to BLM. I have no idea what UK TV says because I don’t watch it. In politics it is balance and facts, but facts are even more difficult to establish in politics than with science. Is BLM a Marxist organisation and if so, what is their real agenda? How can we know for certain?

    The real issue here is not so much what the media is telling us, it is our ability to assess whether it is true. When we are bombarded with the same messages, and with apparent support from experts, then it becomes difficult to challenge anything. In the UK we all know that winters have become warmer and we see signs of glaciers melting. We see Tony Heller presenting data, which he claims is being adjusted. How can we know that we can trust him? Schools are teaching that climate change is real but they cannot possibly be teaching the relevant science because it does not support the claim.

    Life now is so complex and even if we know the details of one topic, we cannot know them all. How do we determine the truth? We seem to be in a fantasy world where we believe that solutions for everything should be possible. A majority seem to believe that lockdowns and a vaccine will eliminate the coronavirus very soon. There isn’t a vaccine for any coronavirus and that includes the common cold. The seasonal flu vaccine has not eliminated it and does not give full protection.

  • Brenda Blessed

    This morning on ITV’s GMB, just after 7:00am the topic was the US election. A US Indian woman was speaking for Trump and did a good job. A US white woman was speaking for Biden/Harris. IMO, she did a typically poor Democrat run-of-the-catch-phrases job.

    You can watch it on ITV’s catch-up service.

    Before the discussion started, GMB used several recent clips that were intended to embarrass Trump, but were relatively very mild compared to what they could have used on senile Joe Biden and affirmative-actioned Kamala Harris. There seems to be a pact by the mainstream media not to reveal Biden’s senile dementia. It looks as if the Indian woman, who was in Trump’s corner, had also agreed not to mention it because she didn’t. IMO, Trump is being kind to Biden by calling him Sleepy Joe, as the YouTube video you provided called “Joe Biden’s Bloopers, Blunders, and Gaffes: The TOP 30 Countdown!” proves beyond any doubt.

    Fortunately, the US Indian woman did a decent job of defending Trump and showing up this very low-order GMB hack job for what it was.

    Have any of you seen Piers Morgan – currently on vacation – do any kind a critique of the US Democrats, now or when Hillary Clinton was running? – To me, all the proof I need to conclude that ITV is also under the control of the liberal establishment.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    can’t see trump being allowed to win again.
    Soros and Co are going to take him much more seriously this time.
    The levels of postal vote fraud are going to be epic. But I don’t subscribe to the idea that Harris is going to take over from Joe Biden.
    He’s a very convenient frontman to take the blame when things go wrong. When the economy tanks, unemployment soars; when blm and antifa take over policing, crime gets out of control and the second amendment is abolished, they can just blame the elderly white guy while Harris continues to run things in the background.

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