February 2023
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The Coalition political pygmies’ dance of death will ruin us all

There were such high hopes after the 2010 election. After 13 years of lies and stupidity from spendaholic Brown, we had Cameron and Clegg who had promised to work together for the good of the country. But these two self-regarding, self-serving fools couldn’t rise to the occasion.

Multimillionaire liar Cameron made the fatal mistake of putting his multimillionaire chum George Liar Osborne into the key post of Chancellor. But multimillionaire Osborne was arrogant, incompetent and out of his depth. When his policies failed, he didn’t know what to do so did nothing except bluster and fumble.

As for multimillionaire Clegg, he couldn’t give a toss about Britain. All he wanted was to ensure well-paid, well-pensioned  jobs for life for himself and his scummy LibDem colleagues. First he tried to change the voting system for the Commons to AV so he could get more LibDem MPs. When that didn’t work, he tried to get a House of Lords made up of people like himself elected by proportional representation and able to hold their posts for an extraordinary 15 years. It never occured to multimillionaire Clegg that fixing the country’s economic problems was more important than wasting parliamentary time and millions of our money on his pathetic attempts to get a lifelong job for himself and his mates.

It appears that these two useless political pygmies – Cameron and Clegg – will deservedly be thrown out at the next election. So then what do we have? Ed Miliband running the country on behalf of Mark Serwotka and the public-sector unions and the repulsive, financially incontinent Gordon Brown Mark 2, Ed Balls, as Chancellor. What a disaster for Britain. What a total and utter disaster.

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