July 2024

Lying bankers, worthless MPs and another pointless inquiry

I didn’t watch Bob “Bulls–t” Diamond run rings around our useless, corrupt, expenses-fiddling MPs (I was watching the tennis) but I imagine it was pretty cringeworthy. If I understand correctly, Bob “Bulls–t” claimed he only found out about the Libor rigging a month or so ago. What? The financial regulators in the US must have been investigating this for at least a year. And Bob “Bull-s–t”claims he didn’t know about it! The words ‘pull, other one and bells’ come to mind. As for our MPs – pathetic, intellectually-limited, reduced to trying to score political points, grandstanding, corrupt fools. No wonder they became MPs. Who else, apart from British taxpayers, would be stupid enough to give each of them £250,000 a year in salary, pension and expenses?

And we’re apparently going to get another ‘inquiry’. We’ve alread had the well-rewarded Hutton’s (in my opinion) whitewash of Blair’s illegal invasion of Iraq costing us millions. We’ve now got the pointless and hugely expensive Leveson inquiry into press standards which will waste millions telling us what we already know. Will we now waste millions more to find out that our bankers are lying, greedy, self-serving, rate-manipulating, recidivist mis-selling thieves? I could tell you that for free.

Inquiries are wonderful for kicking tough issues into the long grass, for muddying the waters and for hiding the complicity of politicians, bureaucrats and bankers in filling their own pockets at the expense of the rest of us. So why not ditch the pointless inquiry and get on with prosecutions for fraud, conspiracy to defraud, obtaining money by deception, false accounting, knowingly running a business that was insolvent and much more? And then confiscate the assets of those involved. Mr Diamond’s £120m or so, £10m to £20m from Fred Goodwin and hundreds of millions from the few hundred others involved would make a welcome contribution to paying off the national debt. But, of course, there won’t be any prosecutions and there won’t be any confiscation of assets. Just inquiry after inquiry after inquiry.

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