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Brainwashing our schoolchildren with lies and lies and l…

(Tuesday blog)

Slightly following on from yesterday’s blog about the lying ecofascists’ lying lies, I thought some readers might find the video below interesting (apologies if you’ve already seen it).

It seems that a vlogger was contacted by a 15-year-old schoolboy. The boy was concerned about the constant brainwashing of schoolchildren with what we could call ‘New-Truth’. According to New-Truth:

  • diversity is our strength
  • immigration is good for us
  • human activity is responsible for a coming Human Extinction due to man-made Climate Change
  • LGBT++ is better than traditional families with a male father and a female mother
  • white colonialism is responsible for all of Africa’s problems
  • all crime is due to social inequality
  • the Religion of Peace is a religion of peace
  • all borders should be torn down and people allowed to live where they want
  • Israel is a creation of the devil and should be handed over to the Arabs
  • Sharia Law should be instituted across Europe
  • anyone can be whatever gender with which they wish to self-identify
  • all races have exactly the same IQ levels
  • etc etc etc (I’m sure you can all think of other aspects of New-Truth

In our schools – our lefty madrassas – New-Truth is not to be questioned. Anyone who doubts any aspect of New-Truth deserves to be silenced, ostracised and destroyed. If you remember, a few months ago a schoolboy was thrown out of his school for insisting there were only two sexes/genders – a clear violation of New-Truth

Anyway, here’s the video. It’s a rather frightening insight into today’s Orwellian British education system in  which there is only one truth – New-Truth:

10 comments to Brainwashing our schoolchildren with lies and lies and l…

  • daveh

    Good God that’s terrifying , but it all fits perfectly into Agenda 30 …. I just wish more people ( everyone ) would read the Barcelona and Marrakech agreements, then they would understand why the EU is building it’s own army in order to defeat it’s own people and populism.
    Follow the corrupt money tree all the way up to the Rothchilds.

  • William Boreham

    I downloaded this last year:
    Announcing an ‘LGBT-inclusive’ update to all of its products, education giant Pearson has launched a guide to pushing ‘social justice’ activism in every part of the school curriculum.
    ‘Creating an LGBT-Inclusive Curriculum’ was produced by LGBT activist group Stonewall and is sponsored by Pearson, which owns the exam board Edexcel  and publishes thousands of school textbooks as one of the UK’s biggest education companies.
    Claiming an inclusive curriculum is “a crucial part of tackling” homophobic bullying in schools, the handbook advises ways in which teachers can alter lessons across the syllabus so LGBT pupils “see themselves represented in what they’re learning”.
    Writing about the need to stamp out anti-LGBT bullying in a foreword to the guide, the senior vice-president for schools at Pearson UK, Sharon Hague, said: “LGBT students will only feel comfortable to be themselves if they also get to see themselves in their classrooms.”
    Organised by subject, the guide lists suggestions to ensure LGBT visibility across the curriculum, for example recommending teachers set questions which reference homosexual relationships in maths and science, and introduce terminology specific to the lifestyles of sexual minorities in foreign language lessons.
    One example given is to begin a question with: “Two women would like to have a baby together, and the doctor recommends they use In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF).”
    The vast majority of suggestions go far beyond issues of visibility and representation, however, with most of the handbook’s tips for creating an LGBT-inclusive curriculum promoting hard-left ‘social justice’ activism and identity politics in the classroom.
    Advice on teaching maths includes an example lesson in which children learn about codebreaker Alan Turing. Teachers are instructed to “provide pupils with some information about Alan Turing’s life, including the arrest and trial for his relationship with another man”, and to introduce a discussion on “the historical treatment of gay people by the secret services”.
    In history lessons, pupils should “study the links between different social justice movements”, while art teachers are urged to “explore the way that art has been, and is being, used to effect social and political change, including LGBT equality, race equality and tackling climate change”.
    The handbook calls for schools to push a left-wing agenda across every subject, recommending science teachers “explore gender stereotypes and barriers to participation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects”.
    Suggested activities include tasking pupils with devising a campaign to get more women involved in STEM, and discussing questions such as “Why is it important that diverse groups of people, including LGBT people, enter STEM professions?”
    Pearson’s president for core markets, Rod Bristow, said the company will use the handbook to “help update our own products and resources to ensure they are LGBT inclusive”.
    UKIP education spokesman David Kurten  stated that the “despicable” move is bad news for children and parents, who he pointed out will “effectively have no choice but to be exposed” to politicised education material due to Pearson’s position as the largest supplier of textbooks for schools, and the owner of Britain’s largest exam board, Edexcel.
    “Maths should be about maths, it should not be about sexualizing children,” warning the new textbooks will make it significantly more difficult for parents “to protect their children from the malign influence of left-wing identity politics”.

  • A Thorpe

    I don’t imagine we will see the BBC investing this. It is easy to see how brainwashing works. All it needs is a figure of authority who prevents discussion and as we see with this boy, he just had to go along with it. With the adult population it works by politicians giving out other people’s money.

    Simon Reeve in Central America was putting words into the mouth of people. With a group living in poverty and with food shortages he got them to say it was due to climate change. No, it was due to policies imposed by the ridiculous belief that we are causing climate change. The school children protesting about it are not suffering and they have no idea about the problems the policies are causing, eventually for their own future.

    This is not new. Michael Portillo’s train journey in Australia dealt with mixed race children being separated from their Aboriginal families to make them more white. I did know about this, but nothing was ever said in school history, but in my time we did not even cover either world wars. In the last programme I learned the British orphans were being sent to Commonwealth countries up to 1970. Rudyard Kipling was apparently involved in this.

    The masses have to be controlled and this is how it is done. In the past when there was little education and travel was difficult it was easy. With better education and higher standards of living it becomes difficult. Preventing people thinking for themselves hasn’t worked so now they are brainwashing us into the right kind of thinking. What the world needs is freedom from the state and religion; we must take responsibility for every aspect of our own lives.

  • Jeff Palmer

    Exactly as in any Soviet-controlled state. And the propaganda is so obvious that even some children can see through it. What is truly frightening however, is the fact that all this is going on, unchecked, under a government supposedly made up of ‘Conservatives’. I cannot believe that the British government is unaware of what is going on in an area that is one of its most important responsibilities, and one can only conclude that this far-left brainwashing has the tacit approval of the so-called ‘Conservative’ party. Ok, the next election is entirely about Brexit, so first things first. But once that question is settled, someone has to ask some very serious questions about how and why a so-called ‘Conservative’ party actively promotes the Cultural Marxist brainwashing of the nation’s youth, about who started it, and about precisely who currently collates and organises the propaganda material. Because it must be stopped, and the sooner the better.

  • loppoman

    @A Thorpe – You’re right about Simon Reeve. I noticed that myself. It happens in nearly all his output.
    ITV News also guilty. Nearly every night there’s a disaster caused by climate change.

  • A Thorpe

    @Ioppoman I’m pleased you have noticed this, but I think he used to present issues and leave viewers to draw their own conclusions. Climate change has featured heavily in this series. It is the same with Attenborough. His series on Netflix first showed the Walruses falling from cliffs and it was heavily criticised because has been observed before. There are just too many of them in the same place. It is nothing to do with climate change.
    @Jeff All areas under state control, teaching, health, police and still the railways are the base for the unions. The governments are weak and they don’t want disruption. None of them are as opposed as Thatcher was to socialism and the unions and they don’t have the balls to finish what she started.

  • Hardcastle

    This is very disturbing.I retired from teaching 12 years ago and I worked in a rural secondary school where the ethos was conservative and traditional values were the norm.This kind of nonsense would not have been tolerated and teachers were expected to keep their political beliefs to themselves. We taught subjects and how to think.Above all we taught students that there were many things we did not know the answers to.We gave them the facts and alternative viewpoints and they were to decide as they developed what their individual take might be.I know it was different in many urban schools where socialist teachers dominated and did not hesitate to promote their political views in the classroom.Socialist ideas in education have dominated the agenda since the sixties and promotion to positions of authority have been dependent on following the socialist party line.I guess that now all schools are led by adherents to either a hard or soft Marxist ideology.The only hope is that students will rebel against the status quo as is traditional and question their teachers.After all,many of them are more intelligent and have the ability to question and see through the bullshit? Many of today’s teachers are easily exposed by skillfull and knowledgeable questioning.

  • loppoman

    I think only governments can stamp this out but they seem to be implicated in the promotion of this nonsense.
    Is it for political or financial reasons?
    You’re right Hardcastle, it’s not only disturbing but very dangerous. Unless it’s stopped, nearly everything can be blamed on climate change.
    Just now on R4 some Australian woman is doing just that.

  • Landloper

    Following the murderous attack at the Manchester Arena by a Muslim bomber, children in schools across the city were given extra training in ‘strength through diversity'(I never hear that tag without an echo of the Nazi’Kraft durch Freunde’ sounding in my mind). The BBC [who else!] reported on the ‘resilience’ of the children and teenagers in Manchester and showed footage of classroom exchanges between the teachers and pupils of which the following was typical. Teacher: ‘Why is Manchester strong?’ A 10-11 year old boy: ‘Because it’s multicultural, Miss.’ Another pupil, this time a young girl ‘Because we’re diverse, Miss.’

    Still, they werre hardly likely to admit to their charges that the cause of this attack was tolerance of a violent religious group, the failure of those charged with the safety of our country to do theiur job, and the criminal preference of our politicians to favour anybody other than the indigenous peoples.

    This is how the liberals roll: no discussion of how the individual responsible for the outrage came from a radical background and had already been identified as having fought for Islamist groups in Libya, no mention of his family’s active participation militant Islamic groups in Libya, no reflection on how, despite the warning passed on to the intelligence services about his radical activities, Abedi was permitted to remain at large and to prepare and carry out an attack that murdered 23 and injured 129.

  • Tomsk

    The left have controlled media/academia for years which is why Labour and Dim Lebs want 16 year olds to vote. The marxists in Educ have captured the minds of da yoof with the beauty of Stalin and Marx.

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