July 2024

Why are we paying for Osborne’s £140bn job application?

Chancellor George Osborne may be as stupid and selfish as Gordon Brown and Ed Balls, but Boy George has realised one thing – he’s so crap at his job that he’s going to be a one-term chancellor. So George has a problem – how can he keep on earning millions if he can’t live off us taxpayers as an MP? The answer – get a well-paid sinecure with a bank. There are three ways of getting such a job. !. Apply and be interviewed – not much chance of thick, useless Osborne succeeding there. 2. You can choose the Blair route – give loads of honours and peerages etc to your banker friends. But now that’s been tried, so Osborne would look a bit naff if he used the same trick. 3. Take £140bn of taxpayers money and give it to your banker friends supposedly for them to lend to businesses. That’s what the worthless Osborne has done. Those of us with short memories may have forgotten Project Merlin – that was when the banks agreed to lend money to small businesses, but didn’t as they could make more profit by using their cash to speculate on things like oil prices and commodities, pushing the prices up for ordinary consumers.

And now that lying, worthless piece of garbage, Osborne, is handing his banking mates £140bn of our money that they can also use to gamble with while no doubt claiming they couldn’t find businesses to lend the money to. That repulsive (in my opinion) creature Angela Knight of the British Banking Association has welcomed Osborne’s move. Well she would, wouldn’t she, as this means even bigger bonuses for the scum in our banks.

But if you’re a soldier, sailor or pilot who has just received your redundancy papers, don’t be upset. The money saved by sacking you is going to a very good cause – making Osborne’s banking cronies even richer and getting Osborne a well-paid sinecure with a bank when the Tories deservedy lose the next election. You couldn’t make it up if you tried.

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