July 2024

Our greedy, lying, thieving MPs steal ever more of our money – and there’s nothing we can do about it

After the furore over most of our 646 MPs stealing our money by fiddling their generous expenses, you’d have thought that this bunch of rogues and scoundrels would lay low for a while and moderate how much of our money they stole. You’d have been wrong. Very wrong. Instead of limiting their theft, our MPs have made it much easier to steal our cash. Supported by our lying, hypocritical PM, David “we’re all in this together” Cameron, MPs have had the rules on what they can claim relaxed. They’ve also been given another £5,000 a year each to pay their staff (often wives and children) because they say they’re so busy working for their constituents. MPs can now claim over £120,000 a year to pay their ‘staff’. But if they’re so busy working for their constituents, how come MPs have time to earn hundreds of thousands of pounds each doing second, third and even fourth jobs? If they’re so busy, how did David “give me money” Miliband have time to earn around £500,000 last year – a goodly part paid by an autocratic Arab country? And if we’re paying so much for MPs’ staff, are these staff actually purely doing the constituency and parliamentary work for which we’re paying? Or are they being used to help MPs with their many other money-making activities? Mr David “I’m a true socialist” Miliband – did you use the staff we pay for to help you earn your £500,000 or so last year? If so, are you not defrauding taxpayers?

The bottom line is that in 2010 we paid out about £118m in expenses and staff costs to our greedy, lying, thieving MPs. In 2010 this leapt by around 40% to over £164m. Some of this rise would have been due to the wonderful ‘golden goodbyes’ we paid to MPs who lost their seats in the 2010 election. But a lot of this would have been because even looser rules allowed this bunch of knaves and crooks to claim more, more, more. Scum the lot of them, from Cameron downwards. Lying, thieving, greedy, hypocritical, self-serving scum

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