July 2021
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Liars Cameron, Osborne and Clegg are NOT “taking the tough decisions”

In the aftermath of the local elections drubbing, the three key coalition figures bleat on about how in “difficult times” they must keep on “taking the tough decisions”. The problem for these three lying incompetents is that they’re not “taking the tough decisions”. What are the key bits of legislation for the next parliament? Allowing gay marriage and reforming the Lords (aka more well-paid jobs for their sycophantic, expenses-fiddling cronies). What have these got to do with Britain’s problems? What about dealing with our collapsing economy, foreign-owned utility companies making obscene profits, a welfare system that encourages idleness, an education system that produces illiterate fools, a pointless war in Afghanistan, a corrupt and wasteful EU that is destroying jobs, a public sector that squanders billions mostly on overpaid, self-serving bureaucrats.

So, Liars Cameron, Osborne, Clegg – want to “take some tough decisions”? Well here are some: support British industry and invest in some infrastructure projects; declare all our water, electircity and gas companies strategic national assets that can only be owned by British companies and can’t make more than 10% a year in profits; cut benefits and only give council housing to people over 25 years old – if they have children earlier, they can live with their parents; stop grovelling to the European Court of Human Rights; do not allow any child to progress to the next year in their schooling until they have reached an adequate level on the three Rs; bring all our troops home from Afghanistan within the next three months and put them to work in our failing schools and gang-ridden council estates; demand the EU cuts its budget by 5% a year for the next five years and that all new legislation from the bureaucrats in Brussels be checked for whether it helps create or destroy jobs; put all public-sector managerial staff on a 4-day week; put all central Whitehall government departments on a 3-day week; impose a maximum public-sector pension of average earnings (about £25,000 a year); abolish the worthless £70m a year Equality and Human Rights Commission; cut the BBC’s budget by 10%; set a maximum public-sector salary of £100,000. 

There are many more things you three incompetent, self-serving liars could do, Messrs Cameron, Osborne and Clegg. But at least doing what I have listed above would be a start. Oh, and by the way, stop wasting parliamentary time on crap like gay marriage and Lords reform.

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