April 2024

It’s not apathy – it’s because you politicians disgust us

The politically correct BBC creams itself as the pointless Ed Miliband declares a ‘great victory’ in the local elections. But hold on, only about 32% of people could be bothered to vote at all and Labour got 39% of those votes – so about 12% of people voted Labour. As for the supposed crushing defeat for the Tories, well they got 31% of votes – about 10% of the electorate. So, 12% of us voted Labour and 10% Tory – not too impressive really. I remember when Putin got re-elected with, I think, just under 50% of the potential vote in Russia, the BBC and Guardianistas all claimed that Putin wasn’t really democratically elected. So why are the commentariat gushing over Miliband’s 12% of the potential vote? Compare Britain to France where the poison dwarf and his opponent speak at rallies where hundreds of thousands of people attend. Useless Miliband or Liar Cameron would be lucky to find four or five people interested in listening to them.

Our politicians like to claim that the low voter turnout is due to public apathy. It never occurs to them that we are so disgusted by their lies, greed, thieving, stupidity, incompetence and waste that we can’t bring ourselves to vote for any of them – even when, as advised by them, we should hold our noses when voting. The clearest sign of our contempt for the political class was the overwhelming “NO” vote to having mayors in our main cities (except for the idiots in Bristol). Apart from Bristol, people could see that having mayors would just be another case of more useless, greedy, thieving politicians – of more jobs for the boys and girls of the political class – more chances for the elite to rip us off as they pretend to represent our interests while busily filling their own pockets.

My conclusion on this week’s local elections farce is to congratulate the British public for sticking two fingers up to the political classes. Most people did vote this week. But they voted with their feet by staying away from the polling booths and showing our politicians that we loathe them – we loathe their lies, their greed, their thieving, their hypocrisy, their selfishness and their incompetence. So, Cameron, Miliband and Clegg – a plague on all your houses, you no longer have a democratic mandate to rule us.

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